Squeezed by deficit, Sitka school board considers staff cuts Squeezed by deficit, Sitka school board considers staff cuts

Squeezed by deficit, Sitka school board considers staff cuts

In 2014 Blatchley Middle School won a 4-star ranking under the Alaska School Performance Index — an assessment method which has since been replaced. (KCAW photo/Robert Woolsey)Staff cuts next year may be a foregone conclusion, as the Sitka School Board wrestles with an uncertain financial future. At a public hearing Monday night (3-2-15) at Sitka High the board laid out a … more

Drones don’t fly at Alaska’s Board of Fish Drones don’t fly at Alaska’s Board of Fish

Drones don't fly at Alaska's Board of Fish

Not all drones are alike. This unmanned aircraft — now banned by the Board — is just large enough to carry a camera. (Flickr photo/Don McCullough) The Alaska Board of Fisheries closed some waters near Angoon to purse seining in order to improve subsistence harvests, in action over the weekend (3-1-15). They also shot down the use of unmanned aircraft to aid in salmon fishing. http://w … more

Improbable archaeology: Stone tool found in Sitka landslide Improbable archaeology: Stone tool found in Sitka landslide

Improbable archaeology: Stone tool found in Sitka landslide

Archaeologist Jay Kinsman says some of the lighter-colored scarring was caused by the churning of the landslide. (KCAW photo/Robert Woolsey) A devastating landslide near Sitka last year has produced an interesting discovery: evidence of early human occupation. Against unbelievable odds, a pair of Forest Service hydrologists mapping the Starrigavan slide found a curiously-shaped … more

Local News

Lady Wolves down but not out in Region V tourney

The Sitka Lady Wolves take a timeout during Region V Tournament play in Ketchikan (KCAW photo/Ingrid Olney-Miller)

The Sitka Lady Wolves dropped the first game of the Region V Basketball Tournament in Ketchikan on Tuesday (3-3-15), but they still have a chance to advance. more
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At Board of Fish, a preview of pot vs. longline conflict

A proposal before the Board of Fish would have allowed finfish pots like these to be used in parts of the Southeast black cod fishery. (Photo courtesy of Neptune Marine Products)

The Alaska Board of Fisheries on Friday took no action on a set of proposals to allow pots in the Southeast black cod fishery. But the debate previewed a larger fight brewing later this spring, over what kind of gear will be allowed across the entire Gulf of Alaska. more
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Board of Fish leaves herring status quo intact

The seiner Infinite Grace pursing up during the third opening in the Sitka Sound sac roe herring fishery, on Wednesday, March 26, 2014 (KCAW photo/Rachel Waldholz)

The Board of Fish began deliberations Thursday, the fourth day of their meeting in Sitka. But when it came to one of the most contentious issues, Sitka Sound herring, the Board chose to leave the status quo intact. more
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State News

Daylight Saving Bill Triggers Time Zone Déjà Vu

A bill that would eliminate daylight saving time in Alaska is now one step away from the Senate floor. But as the legislation has advanced, it’s also changed in a way that could divide the state -- literally. Download Audio

Cuts To Early Education Now Could Cost The State Later

Proposed cuts by Alaska lawmakers to early education programs could cost the state a lot more in the future. Program proponents say supporting parents and children from birth to age 5 is crucial to a child’s and the state’s development. Download Audio

Secretary of Defense Affirms Need For Arctic Emphasis

Secretary of Defense Ash Carter affirmed on Tuesday the need for a U.S. military strategy for the Arctic as Russia builds its military in the north. Download Audio


New Sweatshirts Available


Raven Radio Retail has new zip hoodies for sale in the shop.  The new zippered sweatshirts are available in orange and oatmeal for $45.  The Raven Radio Retail store is open Tuesday - Sunday, downstairs in the Cable House. more
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Southeast News

Southeast power agency plans to bond for dam raising

The spillway in the middle of the Swan Lake dam would be filled in, under plans to increase storage capacity at the hydro site. (Photo courtesy of seapahydro.org)

A power agency in southern Southeast is floating plans to finance a project to increase its hydro storage capacity by selling bonds. more

Petersburg turns over skate park to Little League


Petersburg’s borough assembly Monday voted to transfer operations of the borough’s skate park to the Petersburg Little League. That organization plans to convert the covered area into a batting cage. The borough and the local youth sports organization are also talking about Little League taking over management of the entire ball field facility in the future. more

Otter hide sewing is first class held in Wrangell’s carving facility

sewing otter skin

Wrangell’s new carving facility hosted its first Alaska Native craft class last weekend, and about 20 residents signed up to learn the basics of sewing otter skins. more

NPR News

Man's Identity Questioned In LAPD Skid Row Shooting

Officials say the man killed Sunday was the subject of a federal warrant for violating probation for a 2000 bank robbery. There's also word that he lived under a stolen identity.

For U.S. Children, Minorities Will Be The Majority By 2020, Census Says

America is heading toward the day when whites will no longer make up the majority of the population. And U.S. children will get there soon, according to a new U.S. Census Bureau report.

Watch A Film From Mali: The Day Before The Music Died

The Last Song Before the War presents the glorious sounds of the 2011 Festival in the Desert, held shortly before Islamic extremists took over the region and banned music.