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Mark Begich on his political experience

Excerpt from interview 4/16/08

Mark Begich on ANWR

Excerpt from interview 4/16/08

Mark Begich on Iraq

Excerpt from interview 4/16/08

Archbishop Gregory: "I don't know what God saw in me"

For twenty-two years Archbishop Gregory Afonsky towered over Alaskan Orthodoxy – both physically and spiritually. KCAWs Robert Woolsey spoke with Orthodox parishoner Mike Tackaberry about Bishop Gregory as a man who, though he was not well-known outside the church, was a giant among the members of his congregation

High hatchery returns may spell relief for chinook harvest

Southeast fishermen disappointed by low rhinook quotas and bag limits in the coming season will be glad to hear this: hatchery returns of king salmon this summer in Southeast Alaska are expected to be among the highest ever.

ADF&G: Good news for Southeast deer

The State Department of Fish and Game is conducting its annual spring deer surveys in Northern Southeast Alaska. And at this point, large numbers of healthy yearlings indicate the region’s deer population may be bouncing back from a couple of hard winters.

State funding breathes new life into Sitka school budget

A significant boost in state education funding has breathed new life into the Sitka school district budget. Local school board members who made a second lobbying trip to Juneau in the last week of the session reported back to their colleagues that “we got nearly everything we wanted.”

Trash bears: Law a simple fix for expensive nuisance? (pt 2)

The Sitka Bear Working Group estimates that the Sitka police department and other agencies spent -- conservatively -- around $35-thousand dollars last year responding to problem bear calls. In the second part of our two-part interview series with the authors of Sitka's bear ordinance, KCAW's Robert Woolsey speaks with attorney Paul Olson about the costs involved in complying with the ordinance.

Trash bears: Sitka ordinance fits juvenile bear population (pt 1)

Sitka's new bear ordinance is causing some residents to worry that the law represents a significant restriction on lifestyle, and not just on gargbage. In the first of a two-part series of interviews with the authors of Sitka's bear ordinance, KCAW's Robert Woolsey speaks with ADF&G biologist Phil Mooney about how Sitka's new law is tailored to address the problem of teenage "grab and run" bears.

Where Sitkans go for body art

If you've seen TV shows like "Miami Ink" and wondered where Sitkans go for permanent body art -- we've got your answer. Scott Gyatso, a licensed professional tattoo artist, has opened Studio 907 Tattoo in Sitka. KCAWs Leah Mann dropped by the studio to talk with Gyatso, and to get a first-hand look at his electric tattooing needle.