Monthly Archives: January 2009

Architectural planning sought for historic boathouse

Sitka’s historic Japonski-Island boathouse is moving into the architectural phase of its planned restoration. The garage-like structure at the foot of the O’Connell bridge is one of the dwindling number of small, utilitarian buildings that comprised the Sitka Naval Air Station during World War II.

"Starring" brightens Orthodox Christmas

Thirteen days after “western” Christmas on the 25th of December, Orthodox Christians around the world – and in Alaska - celebrate the nativity on January 7th. St. Michael’s Cathedral in Sitka is the traditional seat of the Alaskan Orthodox Diocese. Two years ago, KCAW’s Melissa Marconi-Wentzel was invited to accompany the congregation of St. Michael’s as they went “starring” to Orthodox homes throughout the community. This is an encore presentation of her story:

Interview: Sitkan Bill DeArmond reflects on the years surrounding statehood

Sitkan Bill De Armond was born here 70 years ago in 1938, grew up and went to school in Sitka as well as Pelican, Ketchikan, and Juneau, where he finished high school. He is the son of historian and journalist R. N. De Armond and the late Dale De Armond, a noted artist who worked in woodcut and wood engraving, among other media, and was well-known as an illustrator. KCAW's Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock spoke with Bill De Armond about his recollections of the heady days a half-century ago when Alaska went from U.S. Territory to State of the Union.

Sitka teen's artwork slated to fly Alaskan skies

Sitka High Junior Hannah Hamberg won the grand prize in the Alaska Airlines "Paint the Plane" competition, open to all Alaskans in grades K-12. Hamberg's winning design was unveiled Saturday (1-3-09) as part of the Alaska's statehood celebration in Anchorage, and will adorn an Alaska Airlines 737 later this year. See Hannah's design at