Monthly Archives: March 2009

Despite economy, Allen Marine nears 40th in shipshape

With three bolt-together catamarans in production in its Sitka yard, Allen Marine is weathering the economic downturn, and maintaining a winter payroll of $400-thousand dollars a month. Company VP John Dunlap discussed the company's history in boat building and touring as it nears its fortieth anniversary, in a presentation to the Sitka Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday (3-18-09).

Tenakee Springs recoups 346 acres of land, thanks to Supreme Court ruling

The Alaska Supreme Court has thrown out the latest University lands transfer measure as unconstitutional. Nearly two hundred thousand acres, including three dozen parcels in Southeast Alaska, recently transferred to the University must now be reconveyed back to the State.

Interview: Mallett ballads travel beyond Garden Song

With more than 500 songs in his catalogue, folk singer David Mallett has come a long way in the thirty years since he penned the Garden Song. Top artists like Emmylou Harris continue to cover his material. Mallett spoke with KCAW's Robert Woolsey before his Sitka concert on 3-11-09.

Sitka hospital signs management services contract

The Sitka Community Hospital board has signed a management services contract with Nashville-based Quorum Health Resources. While the overall budget and day-to-day operation of the hospital will remain under local control, the board hopes its relationship with QHR will provide some badly-needed long-term financial stability – and a little clout, too.

Hames Wellness Center gets lease extension

Hames Athletic and Wellness Center has a new lease that will enable it to keep operating, at least until voters decide whether or not to support the facility in the next election. Last night, (3-10-09) the Sitka City and Borough Assembly narrowly approved the new lease agreement on a four to three vote.

Sitka sets goal to reduce CO2 emissions 25% by 2020

The City and Borough Assembly passed a resolution Tuesday night that will try to reach the goal of 25% reduction by 2020. Sitka’s CO2 emissions are about half what most US cities emit, and on par with Norway’s per capita emissions, according to information given to the assembly Tuesday (3-10-09) by members of the Climate Action Task Force.

St. Lazaria Centennial: Roosevelt’s Sitka legacy

St. Lazaria Island just had a birthday. The rugged, volcanic knob in Sitka Sound has been around for thousands of years, but it was one-hundred years ago last month (2-27-09) that President Theodore Roosevelt signed legislation making it a seabird reservation – and one of the nation’s first wildlife refuges.

"Artist in the Schools" brings Evon Zerbetz to Sitka

Blatchley Middle School is a lot more colorful these days, thanks in large part to a new mural which was installed this week. (March 4) Sitkan Lisa Busch spearheaded the grant process in order to bring Ketchikan artist, author and printmaker Evon Zerbetz to town, as this year’s Artist in the Schools.

Elec vehicle bill rolls through transportation committee

The senate transportation committee has signed off on a bill that would allow the operation of low-speed electric vehicles in some Alaskan communities. A revised version of Senate Bill 59, introduced by Sitka senator Bert Stedman, was approved by transportation members Monday afternoon (3-3-09) and referred to the judiciary committee.

Small schools stand tall in state DDF tourney

Like all competitions, there are winners and losers in drama, debate, and forensics. But there is a lot more to these events than winning medals. KCAW student reporter Ruby Gale is on the JV team at Sitka High School. She went behind the scenes, and sent this audio postcard from the state DDF meet in Sitka: