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City drops "reversion interest" in TAB bottling plant

The city of Sitka is dropping its claims to ownership of the True Alaska Bottling property. The assembly last night (7-28-09) agreed to forego the reversion clauses built into the original sales agreement for the plant, in the hope that the new owners can re-capitalize the operation and start selling water.

Repeal of senior exemption passes on 1st reading

Local government in Sitka would like to do away with the sales tax exemption for senior citizens. Instead, the assembly would like to replace the exemption with a cash rebate, which they think would be more fair.

Tlingit musician's movie music inspired by tradition

This week “The Proposal” arrived at the Coliseum Theater. The film, starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds, is set in Sitka, but most of it was shot in Rockport, Massachusetts. In fact, not much in the film comes from the real Sitka. But there are a few home-grown elements – including a Tlingit wedding chant, composed for Betty White’s character by Sitka’s own Edward Littlefield.

Sitka totem poles now clean and algae free

In preparation for the 100th anniversary of the Sitka National Historic Park, the Park Service is taking on a series of projects: a new totem pole has been commissioned and the Park Service has spent the week cleaning 17 other totems already on display outside the visitor’s center and along the trails. KCAW’s Emily Schwing reports.

Drought could mean decline in pink salmon

The current weather forecast is calling for more high pressure to make its way over southeast. The warm, dry weather this summer has caused some fishermen to start wondering about what kind of effect drought conditions might have on pink salmon stocks. Fish and Game forecasts are about average this year and management biologists say it’s not yet time to panic. KCAW’s Emily Schwing reports.

18-thousand sockeye projected at Redoubt

The sockeye return at Redoubt Lake is running below long-term averages so far this year, but managers are still projecting a significant return. According to the Alaska Department of Fish & Game, almost 57-hundred sockeye have passed through the weir at Redoubt Lake as of Sunday (7-19-09). That could mean a total escapement of 18-thousand fish by the end of the season.

Local runner wins mountain trail race

The results of this weekend’s Alpine Adventure Race in Sitka are in and a local runner has captured first place. 20-year-old Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins completed the 7-mile mountain race in 1 hour, 10 minutes and 54 seconds. He did not set a time record for the run, but Kreiss-Tomkins is the youngest person to win the men’s division.

Roundabout marks 90 years of traffic control

Sitka’s new roundabout opened on Sunday (7-19-09) with little fanfare. The project – budgeted at almost $2-million dollars -- came in just about two weeks ahead of schedule. KCAW’s Robert Woolsey took a drive through the roundabout on Monday at lunchtime, when Sitka’s traffic is reportedly at its worst. He was chauffeured by local historian and automobile enthusiast Bill Foster, who discovered that the opening of the roundabout coincided with an important anniversary in Sitka’s traffic history:

Local musician combines Tlingit culture, hip hop beats

Musical acts from around the country came to Sitka to perform at the annual Skilletfest this weekend. On Friday night the opening act was a local talent – a young performer influenced by the people, places and cultures of Southeast Alaska. KCAW’s Shaleece Haas sat down with hip-hop artist, Halfsmoked, and brings us this profile.

Sea bird refuge celebrates centennial

100 years ago, Teddy Roosevelt set aside St. Lazaria Island as a wildlife refuge. Today the island is the nesting site for more than half-a-million sea birds. To celebrate its centennial, local agencies teamed up to lead the first-ever public walking tour of the island. Last month 24 birdwatchers and nature buffs embarked on a rare adventure, one that may signal an opening of the island to public visitation. To watch a SLIDESHOW of the tour, click on this story's title and then on the word, "more."