Monthly Archives: October 2009

Sitka officials visit Dubuque, like what they see

A delegation from Sitka traveled Oct. 12 through 14 to Dubuque, Iowa. They were meeting with University of Dubuque officials who have expressed interest in the Sheldon Jackson College campus. Both sides tell Raven News that the trip went well.

Alaska statehood: A first-hand account

In the midst of celebrating the transfer of Alaska from Russia to the United States there is another celebration this year: the 50th year of Statehood. There are still many Alaskans who well remember the day when the first Alaska state flag was unfurled, right here in Sitka. There are even a few folks still around who helped craft the Alaska constitution. Former Alaska Senator Vic Fischer is one of those.

Sitka celebrates facial hair, head coverings

Sitka residents have been growing beards and putting on bonnets to help celebrate Alaska Day in style. Some went on stage to show off their facial hair and head coverings during the Alaska Day Festival Variety Show. Ed Schoenfeld spoke with a few of the competitors. Click on "more" to see additional photos.

Sitkans celebrate history with songs, stories

Sitkans are celebrating the 132nd anniversary of the transfer of Alaska from Russia to the United States. Their Alaska Day Festival this week also recognizes the 50th anniversary of statehood. The event includes concerts, historic tours, dances and a reenactment of the transfer ceremony. One popular venue is a community variety show featuring barbershop harmonies, young winners of an Alaska-themed essay contest, and a sing-along. Here's excerpts including the Breakers and the Barbershop Belles, essays from Emma Bruhl and Cameron Mutchler and a sing-along in honor of longtime resident Alice Machesney.

Assembly nixes new Hames lease, for now

On Tuesday (10-13-09), the Sitka Assembly voted against negotiating a new one-year lease for the Hames Athletic Center. The city’s current lease runs out on October 31 and without a new agreement the center might have to close. But as Ed Ronco reports, last night’s vote will not be the final word on Hames.

Ammonia latest of Pelican's worries

The village of Pelican has $100,000 in state disaster relief money to help rebuild a flume that collapsed in August. The collapse caused an immediate shortage of water and power to Pelican. A temporary solution is in place, but now officials are looking at another serious issue: the potential release of ammonia from the Pelican Seafoods plant.

Remembering the Kaisei-Maru

One hundred years ago, a real-life drama was playing out on the waters near Sitka. A Japanese hunting vessel had wandered off course, and was about to be captured by American authorities. A relative of the ship’s captain was in Sitka on Friday (10-9-09) to commemorate the anniversary.

Airline executive sees challenges, is optimistic

Alaska Airlines is doing better than its competitors, but it’s still a tough market for air carriers. That’s the word from Bill MacKay, the airline’s senior vice president for Alaska, who visited Sitka on Wednesday (10-7-09). He gave an update on the company’s economic health and his concerns for the future.

Sitka voters reject road bonds, sales tax hike

Sitka voters (on Tue 10-6-09) rejected a pair of ballot propositions that would have improved city roads at a cost of a half-percent sales tax increase.

Hatchery field trip offers hands-on science

Medvejie Hatchery in Sitka just finished hosting five classes of third graders for their fall field trip. The students got to handle some fish and see how the hatchery works. But teachers say this is more than just sight-seeing – it’s a way to let their students DO science while learning about it.