Monthly Archives: February 2010

Interview: Gov. Sean Parnell

As Gov. Sean Parnell spoke in Sitka on Wednesday afternoon, the ferry Matanuska sat docked in Sitka, awaiting the arrival of a part from Sweden. The Matanuska began experiencing problems over the weekend, and officials were hopeful it could get underway Wednesday night. The vessel is more than 45 years old. Parnell said his office is asking the legislature to authorize 60 million dollars toward construction of the new Alaska class ferry. He talked about that, and a host of other issues affecting Southeast Alaska during an interview with Raven News.

Governor fires back at merit program critics

Governor Sean Parnell today (Wed 2-11-10) fired back at legislative critics of his proposed scholarship program for college-bound students. Parnell was in Sitka, speaking before the chamber of commerce.

Census Bureau commissions totem pole from Sitka

The Elizabeth Peratrovich Day parade that passed through Sitka on Tuesday (2-16) included a new addition – a totem pole sculpted by Tommy Joseph and commissioned by the U.S. Census Bureau. That’s right, the Census Bureau.

Raptor Center offers reward in eagle death cases

Another organization is offering a reward in connection with the shooting deaths of protected birds around Sitka. Six bald eagles were found dead in various locations around Sitka during December and January, apparently from small-caliber gunshot wounds.

Interview: CO2 acidification threatens northern oceans

UAF ocean chemistry researcher Dr. Jeremy Mathis says the pH levels of the world's oceans are dropping as atmospheric carbon continues to rise. The increasing acidity is measurable, and the effects are already being seen on shell-building organisms. Full interview with Mathis, Michelle Putz of the Sitka Global Warming Group, and KCAW's Robert Woolsey.

Commentary: No libraries for Main Street?

Teachers, police officers, and firefighters are all represented in the Jobs for Main Street Act -- but not librarians. Note: The opinions expressed in commentaries are those of the author, and not necessarily the opinions of the Raven Radio board, staff, or members.

Friend: Man killed in fire was kind, talented musician

53-year-old Edwin Leif Haynes died during a fire in a basement apartment in the 800 block of Lake Street. As Ed Ronco reports, Haynes is remembered as a talented musician with a great sense of humor.

Warm January weather stirs "false spring"

While fierce winter weather continues to make headlines across the country, parts of Southeast Alaska are experiencing far above normal temperatures for this time of year. In fact, with blossoming salmonberry bushes, blooming bulbs, and the first bear visit of the year, Sitka is enjoying a false spring. KCAW’s Robert Woolsey recently spoke to a handful of experts about what the consequences may be of having several weeks of spring in the middle of winter:

Abbott gets 140 years for 2008 murders, assault

20-year-old Jason Abbott received 140 years in prison for the stabbing deaths of three relatives and a family friend, and the stabbing assault of a fifth relative. **This story contains sensitive testimony recorded in court, and might be upsetting to some listeners.**

Interview: Korb's passion for the bass is "Who I am"

Jazz vocalist and double-bassist Kristin Korb doesn't find anything strange about her combination of talents. "Jazz is a party... sometimes conversations are happening vocally, sometimes it's the bass." The LA-based artist takes the stage tonight (2-5-10) at the Sitka Jazz Festival. She appeared on the Morning Edition interview with KCAW's Robert Woolsey.