Monthly Archives: July 2010

Anchor's away (and back again)

It’s not often that a Cruise Ship loses its anchor, but as KCAW’s Lily Mihalik reports, recovering such a loss is far from simple.

Bear family tagged and collared in Sitka

Four brown bears were tagged and collared this morning at Sitka’s Fortress of the Bear. The collars will allow the bears to be tracked and studied in the future.

Kasiana rock quarry permit denied

The Sitka Assembly has put the brakes on a plan to operate a rock quarry on Kasiana Island.

Assembly sours on sugar tax

A ballot proposal to tax sugar-sweetened soft drinks went down to defeat at the Assembly table last night, with even its two sponsors voting against it.

Sitka, Adak both explore bulk water sales

In rapidly expanding nations like India, Pakistan and China, disputes are heating up over a scarce and precious resource: water.

Medvejie experiment aids accident recovery

Earlier this month, two hatcheries in Sitka both suffered devastating accidents over the same weekend. The Sheldon Jackson Hatchery lost about 240,000 salmon fry when a water intake pipe became blocked. At Medvejie Hatchery, a few miles south, the damage was worse. A closed water-intake valve resulted in the loss of nearly 1 million Chinook fry. But Medvejie also has been conducting an experimental program that, in the weeks since the accident, has helped the hatchery recover from the damage caused by the accident.

First Farmers' Market of the season

The 2010 summer Farmers’ Markets began Saturday in Sitka. Vendors selling a variety of goods packed the ANB hall, and visitors came to check out live music and take their pick of locally grown produce, baked goods and homemade crafts. KCAW’s Shady Grove Oliver stopped by the first market and sent this audio postcard.

Bear shot on Sawmill Creek Road

A two to three year old Brown Bear was shot in the 2500 block of Sawmill Creek Road at 1:30 this afternoon.

Warm spring means more aphids for South East

A warm spring and winter may be good for your early berry crop, but not for your spruce tree.

Wilderness maintenance the old fashioned way

Alaska is home to over half the nation’s wilderness lands, and some of the Forest Service’s most remote, and isolated Cabins. Green Top Cabin on Yakobi Island is one of these, and because it’s on land classified as “wilderness” upkeep on the cabin and surrounding trails is a little different than it would be in other locations.