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Linda Behnken: Mixing love and advocacy on the ocean

behnkenAny study examining Sitka’s distinctiveness absolutely must include a fisherman – fishing has been a mainstay of civilization on Baranof Island, literally since the dawn of civilization. But not all fishermen are men. In part four of her five-part series of Sitka profiles, reporter Diana Saverin meets Linda Behnken, who is a fisherman, resource advocate, policy planner, and mom.

Tue Dec 27, 2011

Sitka profiles continue: Herb Didrickson talks about crossing cultural barriers through sports. ADF&G announces first sac roe herring fishery in West Behm Canal in 36 years. Prosecutors say 14-year-old girl injected with heroin by 26-year-old. Wood giveaway planned by Tanana River bridge builders.

Herb Didrickson: How speed breaks cultural barriers

It’s hard to think of Herb Didrickson as anything but fast. Decades since he left the basketball court and the track, this respected Tlingit elder still elicits knowing smiles from those who saw him play, and those who continue to hear the stories of how the young Didrickson crossed cultural barriers through sports.

Beaver Lake Slide: Before and After

BEAVERLAKEAFTER_smThis picture was taken by Roger Golub from the west side of Beaver Lake in Sitka, looking over at the slope that failed on the east side of the lake on November 12, 2011. To see a picture taken from the same perspective before the slide occurred, follow this link.

Occupy North Pole! Resist the Fat Man (but take his cookies)

NORTHPOLE_smAndre Kropatkin, elf-megaphone for the Occupy North Pole! protest, explains how Santa (who has 99-percent of the body-size) undermines opposition through lavish distribution of his specialty hot chocolate -- with peppermint sticks! With KCAW's Robert Woolsey.

Burgess Bauder: Pro bono vet does it “for the dogs”

BurgessandKeshi_smFor over thirty years, Burgess Bauder has made his living as a dive-fisherman and lighthouse keeper, but his passion has always been providing pro-bono care to Sitka’s pets. Reporter Diana Saverin visited Sitka last summer on a Kingsley Trust Fellowship from Yale University, to interview Sitkans who were profiled in a study of the community’s distinctiveness. She takes us into the heart of Bauder's veterinary clinic.

Occupy North Pole: Resist the Fat Man (but take his cookies)
Andre Kropatkin, the elf-megaphone for the Occupy North Pole protest, shares his thoughts on living conditions in the Occupy encampment outside Santa’s workshop’s, and the Fat Man’s aptitude for making excellent hot chocolate.… more

Fri Dec 23, 2011
New research shows SE sea otter populations growing at different rates.Sitka profiles part 2: Burgess Bauder. Low pressure systems keep rain, wind steady in December.… more

Special Holiday Programming


This weekend: don’t miss The Battery Exchange, Christmas with the Roncos, and Christmas at St. Olaf,  plus a whole lot more. Also, Prairie Home Companion and Radio Boogie will air at slightly different times on Saturday. Here’s the full schedule:… more

Hank Moore: After loss, a sunflower in the rain

hankWhat makes Sitka distinctive? In part one of a five-part series of Sitka profiles, reporter Diana Saverin goes backstage into the life of musician and teacher Hank Moore.