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Safety summit

Students from Blatchley Middle School spent Feb. 24 learning cold water and wilderness safety from the Alaska Marine Safety Education Association, the U.S. Coast Guard and a host of community volunteers.

Eco Explorers connect students to real-world science

Ariadne Will, Laura Everson, and Zofia Danielson are sixth-grade Eco Explorers who spend every lunchtime on Thursdays doing bona fide scientific research in Sitka's natural environment.

Wed Feb 29, 2012

New SEARHC CEO pleads no contest to Disorderly Conduct charge. Changes to Sitka's sales tax code advance to third reading. Community nonprofits, other organizations line up to oppose Harrigan fee hike. State Board of Fisheries approves a subsistence-only herring area near Sitka. 2A basketball tournament this week a good fix for Sitka sports fans.

Centennial Hall fee plan gets no traction

centhall testimony feaThe proposal to charge brought testimony from a cross-section of the building’s users: quilters, crafters, dancers, historical society board members, youth advocates, artists and a few private citizens, all of whom lined up along the wall to take their turn at the microphone.

Tax changes bring more testimony, little action

The Sitka Assembly advanced changes to the senior citizen sales tax exemption at its regular meeting last night. The proposal would limit the exemption to seniors who pass a low-income means test. Another plan is on hold.

3A Region V Tournament

BattleBridge_lgGame times and brackets from the 3A Region V Tournament in Ketchikan.

2A Region V Tournament

2AGIRLS_lgSee the day's tournament schedule, the tournament brackets, and a link to Mt. Edgecumbe's live webcasts here.

2A tourney is “February Fever” in Sitka

MEHS athletic director Andrew Friske comments on the brackets for the 3A tournament in Ketchikan this week. Meanwhile, Mt. Edgecumbe will host the Region V 2A tournament, with opening games scheduled for 11:15 AM Wed Feb 28 at the BJ McGillis Gym.

Tue Feb 28, 2012

Proposed changes to Sitka sales tax code will get second (of three) readings tonight, during the regular meeting of the Assembly. Also on tonight's agenda: Proposed fee hikes for use of Harrigan Centennial Hall. Sitka grand jury indicts local teen on five counts of sexual abuse of a minor, for allegedly assaulting a 6-year-old on a school bus. Herring issues take center stage during opening weekend of the state Board of Fisheries meeting in Ketchikan.

Sitka teen accused of molesting 6-year-old on bus

A Sitka grand jury indicted 18-year-old Alexander Evans on five counts of sexual abuse of a minor. According to a complaint, the incidents occurred on a bus the high school student rode with younger students.