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SJ campus revitalization: How Alaskans get things done

SJ_Work_thmbIn Alaska, we know it’s not always easy to just bring in help. If you want to fix something you often have to do it yourself. This is especially true on an island, where the nearest town is hours away by ferry. This past year in Sitka, inhabitants learned just how much they could accomplish as a community. Diana Saverin is a Kingsley Trust Fellow from Yale University who spent last summer examining Sitka’s distinctiveness. She produced the following story for the “AK” feature on Alaska News Nightly, about the largely volunteer-driven revitalization of the Sheldon Jackson Campus.

Mon Feb 27, 2012

Revitalizing the Sheldon Jackson campus is one way Alaskans fix things themselves. Energy issues, school funding top Sen. Lisa Murkowski's agenda at a meeting in Ketchikan last week. AFN president Julie Kitka fears budget axe will fall on essential rural services.

Wind Chimes, songwriters, heart health on tap for weekend

Jeff Budd, with the Greater Sitka Arts Council, discusses tonight's performance of the Haunted Wind Chimes (7 PM at the Sheet'ka Kwaán Naa Kahídi), and Saturday's songwriter contest (7 PM at the Performing Arts Center). Click here for a full schedule of ArtiGras events. Cindy Edwards, with the Hames Center, outlines Sunday's "Fine Hearts Camp," 4-6 PM Sunday.

Fri Feb 24, 2012

State Board of Fisheries begins ten-day meeting in Ketchikan, with many Sitka finfish issues on the table. "Battle of the Bridge" was a great game, and a fun rivalry. State calls in mediator to negotiate resolution to a conflict over a moldy office building in Juneau.

Building bots

IMG_0679feaThunder Mountain High School freshman Michael Lohrey works on the robot "Wilson Jr." The robot is named after its creator, TMHS senior Wilson Suzuki. The Juneau High School was one of eight schools to participate in the Bowled Over Robotics Regionals, held at Mt. Edgecumbe High School's B.J. McGillis gymnasium.

“Battle of the Bridge” a great game, and a fun rivalry

Sitka won Wednesday's (2-22-12) "Battle of the Bridge" by three points, 59 – 56. Mt. Edgecumbe had a last chance to tie the game with a three-point shot at the buzzer, but the ball failed to drop in, and Sitka senior Devan Romine covered the rebound as the clock ran out.The win boosted the Sitka Wolves’ record to 19-3 overall, and 11-1 in conference play, and assured them the top seed and a bye in the Region V tournament next Tuesday in Ketchikan.

Welding, health care careers featured at UAS open house

Leslie Gordon is the Health Information Management program director at UAS Sitka; Alan Puckett is the welding instructor. The pair describe their programs for prospective students, their parents, and other adult job-seekers. UAS Career and Technical Education will hold an open house on Sat Feb 25, from 10 - 2:30 to showcase vocational training.

Thu Feb 23, 2012

House majority leader Alan Austerman says he's open to making changes to a bill that would re-establish Alaska's Coastal Management Program. NOAA reports "mountainous" seas during February blow. Backers push biomass energy during House committee hearing. Sen. Kookesh -- if made king for a day -- would split the permanent fund, and shift college scholarship money toward preschool education. Gov. Parnell signs bill waiving electronic filing requirements for office-seekers who have no computers or internet at home.

February’s “mountainous” seas

OConnellBridge_sm2A walk through any forest trail around Sitka – or probably anywhere in Southeast for that matter – will reveal that this has been a windy winter. Broken branches and toppled trees are just about everywhere. But the same winds wreaking havoc on land are also a problem at sea. The state ferry Kennicott postponed a scheduled cross-gulf voyage earlier in February due to heavy weather. KCAW's Robert Woolsey spoke with NOAA meteorologist Joel Curtis about some startling data from the Cape Fairweather buoy.

Energy Star rebate program starts Friday

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