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Sitka land sales initiative back in court

In April, the Alaska Supreme Court asked the Sitka court to take another look at its ruling in favor of the city. On Tuesday, Superior Court Judge David George gave the city 30 days to file a brief explaining the issues it feels are still on the table.

Stream research reconnects students to outdoors

Last week (5-18-12), most of the students in 7th grade science at Blatchley Middle School in Sitka went to the Starrigavan Valley to help government biologists monitor the health of the stream. KCAW student reporter Maya Reda-Williams documented the project, and sent this audio postcard.

Vaughn leads Sitka derby with 41.4 pound king

Mike Vaughn leads the Sitka Salmon Derby after its first weekend. Vaughn landed a 41.4 pounder to claim the top spot. Dave Bandick is in second with a 39.4-pound fish, and Grant Hagerman is in third, with a 36.4-pound king.

Above average

Soren_White_smThe Senior Class Representative is the only student speaker at Sitka High's graduation ceremony (5-28-12) chosen by fellow students. Looking over his shoulder at his ninety classmates, Soren White said,"I represent all of us, which means I'm totally average. Thanks a lot!" White reminded the Class of 2012 that graduation was the time to reinvent yourself more honestly. If this kid is "average," they must be doing something right at SHS!

Remembering: Veterans reflect on Memorial Day

IMG_0038As Sitkans gathered in Totem Square for Memorial Day on Monday, a pair of veterans reflected on the holiday inside Sitka's American Legion hall.

Band camp

Band_Camp_smThere's not much more we can tell you about this picture than you can figure out for yourself. (Isn't that Marika Partridge out front in the Ramones t-shirt?) KCAW's Precision Boombox Drill Team was a high concept for its time, circa 1982. The station broadcast the music, and the team members marched (after tirelessly rehearsing the precision choreography). If you've ever wished that Raven Radio would revive this tradition, your wish will come true on July 4, 2012. Call Mollie at 907-747-5877 for details.

Sticks and stones

Eagle_xray_sm2An x-ray told veterinarian Victoria Vosberg all she needed to know about this injured bald eagle, which was found by residents of a trailer park near the Indian River on May 16. The large white object is a bullet or pellet; the small white objects are fragments. The fuzziness around the image suggests an extensive infection. This female had a brood patch; she was likely nesting when she was shot. Raptor center staff were unable to save her.

New ferry rule: No passengers, no sailing

The fast ferry Chenega departs Whittier on its way to Valdez and Cordova. One Whittier-Valdez sailing this year had no passengers or vehicles.If no one’s scheduled to ride a state ferry, it won’t sail. That’s a new rule being put into place by the Alaska Marine Highway System. Ferry chief Mike Neussl says it will save money.

57th Salmon Derby to kick-off Saturday

Elaine Strelow discusses how to take part in the 57th annual Sitka Salmon Derby.

Fri May 25, 2012

Assembly updated on Sealaska lands bill, Redoubt selection. Sitka backs reduction in halibut bycatch for trawl fleet. Climate change series part 3: Native elders observe changing climate patterns as early as the 1970s.