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Otter study to examine habitat differences in Southeast

Enhydra lutris in Prince William SoundWhile some people think of sea otters as adorable tourist attractions, others see them as predators in fierce competition for valuable shellfish like abalone, Dungeness crabs and geoducks. Marine mammal biologist Dr. Heidi Pearson is interested in learning more about how sea otter feeding habits may be changing the ecology of Sitka Sound.

Party on!

Raven_GMs_smRaven Radio celebrates thirty years on the air this weekend, with festivities running from Saturday through the Independence Day holiday (Jun 29 - Jul 4). Dancing, food, music, and community will be major themes of the event -- just as they were a major part of the station's founding. According to these people, though, the party never stopped!

Weekend brings Raven 30th celebration kick-off

Station co-founder and first program director Marika Partridge and former general manager Lily Herwald discuss the calendar of events for Raven Radio's 30th Anniversary celebration. The celebration overlaps this year's local 4th of July festival. Click here to see a full schedule.

Fri Jun 29, 2012

LOCAL reaction to Thursday's Supreme Court ruling: Affordable Care Act may help close gap in charity care at Sitka's hospitals. Court ruling a boon to Tribal health care. Small businesses worry about health law's unknowns. Self-insured Sitkans hail court decision.

Self-insured Sitkans hail Supreme Court decision

The Supreme Court's decision was hailed by some residents. Many fishing families in Sitka are self-employed and therefore self-insured. It’s expensive, with annual premiums into the thousands. Wendy Alderson's family is a good illustration.

Small businesses worry about health law’s unknowns


Small business owners -- like Dirk and Trish White, of Harry Race Pharmacy -- worry about the effects of the Affordable Care Act. (KCAW Photo/Rachel Waldholz)

When the Supreme Court decided to uphold most of the Affordable Care Act, it … more

Court ruling a boon to Tribal health care

While SEARHC and Sitka Community Hospital share many of the same obligations to provide care without regard for a patient’s ability to pay, there is one little-discussed component of the Affordable Care Act unique to SEARHC: The law permanently reauthorizes the Indian Health Care Improvement Act, which expands Indian Health Service funding, and updates its priorities.

Sitka CEO: Affordable Care Act will close gap in charity care

The Affordable Care Act will mean big changes for the way health care is paid for across the country. In Alaska, smaller hospitals typically have had to make up the difference themselves between patients who have insurance or who can pay, and those who simply can’t afford to pay anything. In Sitka, the local hospital has already topped $800,000 in uncompensated services this year, with local tax payers footing the bill. For Sitka Community Hospital, the Affordable Care Act is expected to help plug this gap.

Jazz on the Waterfront with Cuban flavor

Musicians Ed Littlefield and Christian Fabian discuss plans for this Saturday's "Jazz on the Waterfront" (7:30 PM at the Allen Auditorium, tickets $50 at Old Harbor Books). Both local and guest talent will perform during the event, including four percussionists.

Thu Jun 28, 2012

Sitka National Historical Park cautions trail users that bears have been in the park. Oyster farming growing in Southeast's rural communities. New equipment boosts chinook production at the Crystal Lake hatchery.