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Summer aurora

SummerAurora_smWhile a clear day in Sitka is spectacular, a clear night may be the next best thing. Filmmaker Ben Hamilton, who is currently working on a series of promotional spots for the Sitka Convention & Visitors Bureau, captured this image of the aurora in the wee hours Monday morning (8-27-12). According to the Alaska Geophysical Institute, the aurora may also be visible tonight (8-29-12) as far south as southern Baranof Island.

City looks to address vacant land, affordable housing

During its regular meeting last night, the Assembly asked city staff to seek proposals to develop affordable housing on the old City Shops land. The Assembly also talked at length about how to offload another piece of property: "The Benchlands."

Turnout slow in Sitka “super-precinct”

Election workers Paula Hardy, Keith Nyitray, and voter Harvey Brandt.As of 3PM this afternoon (8-28-12), turnout was relatively low in Sitka, but neither poll workers or voters were blaming the new super-precinct at Harrigan Centennial Hall. A lack of controversy was the likely culprit, and possibly a lack of cookies.

Floor space

2012Primary_smVoter turnout in Sitka was running low in Sitka during Tuesday's (8-28-12) statewide primary election. As of 3PM, only 334 voters had cast ballots in each of Sitka's two newly-consolidated precincts at Harrigan Centennial Hall. This was about 20 votes behind turnout in just one of Sitka's old precincts during the last mid-term primary in 2006. By 7PM, turnout had ticked up to about 600 voters per precinct.

Tue Aug 28, 2012

Primary election day in Alaska; Sitka's four precincts have been consolidated into two, both voting at Harrigan Centennial Hall. Many Southeast voters will be in new districts, and see new candidates on the ballot. Sitka assembly to consider a new strategy for affordable housing at the old city shops property when it meets in regular session tonight. US Fish & Wildlife Service hears from local hunters, dive fishermen on sea otter issues. Arctic ice pack shrinks to record levels.

Aug. 28 Primary: What’s your district? Who are your candidates?

This map shows the new boundaries for Southeast legislative districts. House districts use numbers. Senate districts use letters.Today’s primary election may confuse some Southeast voters. That’s because legislative boundaries have changed, in some cases shifting candidates and communities. Here's a list of candidates and districts to make it easier.

Fish & Wildlife director hears sea otter concerns

IMG_0379-1The marine mammals are protected by federal law, but Alaska Natives are allowed to hunt them. Some of them say the regulations on what they can do with otter pelts are confusing, and have led to scrapes with the law.

Arctic ice on the run

ArcticSeaIce_smEvery summer the Arctic ice cap melts down to what scientists call its “minimum” before colder weather builds the ice cover back up. The size of this minimum remains in a long-term decline. The extent on Aug. 26. 2012 broke the previous record set on Sept. 18, 2007.

Mon Aug 27, 2012

Sitkans hear ideas for 50-meter competition pool at Mt. Edgecumbe High School. Controversial quarry dropped from Planning Commission agenda for time being. Forest Service to take public comment on proposed cabin closures. Ballot Measure 2 attracts substantial spending before tomorrow's primary election.

Table of the Day

TODCarrieHisaokaBenWarren_smThe Sitka Local Foods Network board selects a Table of the Day winner from the vendors at each Sitka Farmers Market of the season, and the winners receive prizes such as a fifth-anniversary market tote bag and check. Carrie Hisaoka and Ben Warren earned Table of the Day honors at the August 18 market with handmade jewelry, fireweed bread cookies and homemade granola. The next Sitka Farmers Market is scheduled for 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 1, at ANB Hall.