STA candidate statement: Lillian Feldpausch

Lillian Feldpausch

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Lingit x’einax jix’ dul saan yóo xát duwasaakw. Dleit kaa x’einax Lillian Feldpausch yóo xát duwasáakw.

Chaak naax xát sitee. Wooshkeetaan áyá xát. Kaach adi yadix xát sitee.

My Lingit name is Jix’ Dul Saan. My English name is Lillian Feldpausch. I belong to the eagle moiety. My mother’s people are Wooshkeetaan. My father’s people are Kaach adi.

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I grew up in Kake, living a rural subsistence lifestyle. After graduating from Kake High School in 1986, I attended Sheldon Jackson Colege where I met my husband Jeff. We married in 1989 and moved to Kake where, for 14 years, we raised our three children, Jonathan, Seth and Morgan. In 2004, we made our move back to Sitka to give our children opportunities that only a larger community can provide.

I have been employed in the past with the Sitka Tribe of Alaska (STA) as the Youth Program manager, the Boys and Girls Club manager, and with Sitka Tribal Enterprises as project coordinator and interim director. I currently serve on the Sitka Marine Mammal Commission and am a former Associate Tribal Court Judge. My experience with the Sitka Tribe gives me the knowledge that is needed to be a competent and productive member of the Council.

I believe the Sitka Tribe of Alaska needs to focus its efforts on education and vocational training for tribal citizens, economic development, conservation of subsistence resources, health care and conducting business in a professional manner.

The employment reality of living on an island is that the number of people looking for work exceeds the number of available jobs, with limited options for commuting. I believe that providing additional post-secondary education and vocational training opportunities will allow Tribal citizens to compete on a level playing field in local, regional, state and national job markets.

With increased federal budget cuts, the chance of declining Tribal compact funding is significant. I support fiscally responsible Tribal economic development that covers this funding gap and creates sustainable employment opportunities for Tribal citizens.

My family’s dependence on subsistence resources while growing up has engrained in me the reality that subsistence is not just a word or idea, but a way of life. Although we live in a monetary society, many of us utilize subsistence foods as part of our cultural heritage, to help make ends meet, or as a way to survive. I support the protection of our subsistence resources from over-exploitation through conservative management practices that ensure that subsistence needs are met today and for the generations to come.

The Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium, SEARHC, provides critical health care services to Alaska Natives from 18 communities in Southeast. I believe it’s the Council’s responsibility to work collectively with the Consortium to provide the best possible health care of Tribal Citizens.

Over the last couple years, there has been a distinctive division among the Sitka Tribe of Alaska Council that has affected the ability of STA to function as a tribal government and diminished its reputation. It’s imperative for the Council to conduct business in an ethical, respectful and professional manner that follows the Tribal Constitution.

I’m Lillian Feldpausch and I would appreciate your vote on Nov. 13.


Candidate statements are a listener service of Raven Radio. All candidates have been given the opportunity to publish a statement.


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