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Unkindness of ravens

Look what the ravens did! Birds managed to, shall we say, aerate the lawn in front of our studios at the Cable House. They didn't get the memo that we were trying to keep things looking nice today. (KCAW photo by Ed Ronco)

A group of ravens is known collectively as an “unkindness,” and today they lived up to the term. The birds managed to, shall we say, aerate the lawn in front of our studios at the Cable House. This is common (if annoying) behavior for ravens, who are feasting on crane fly larvae they find in the lawn. Now if only we could teach them to operate a rake… (KCAW photo by Ed Ronco)


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Groups hope MSA update won’t move fish conservation ‘backwards’

Magnuson-Stevens created 8 separate regional councils to manage fisheries in federal waters. According ALFA's Linda Behnken, not all regions have placed as much emphasis on resource protection as the North Pacific. (NOAA Fisheries image)
A number of regional fishing associations are joining forces to strengthen the Magnuson-Stevens Act. The Sitka-based Alaska Longline Fishermen’s Association announced last week (9-9-14) that the new organization wants to ensure that Congress makes protecting fish stocks a priority as it prepares to reauthorize the nation’s most important law governing the harvest of seafood in federal waters. more

Youth climate lawsuit dismissed

Katherine Dolma answers a question following a Supreme Court LIVE hearing at Barrow High School. Dolma and Nelson Kanuk, seated, are two of the six young plaintiffs in the case. (Photo by Jeff Seifert/ KBRW)
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