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Paths Across the Pacific returns to Sitka

After a year's hiatus, "Paths Across the Pacific" returns to Sitka. The conference examines connections between humans on either side of the Pacific Ocean. Bill Davis and Nancy Yaw Davis explain. The event runs Aug. 14 - 18.

Wed., July 31, 2013

Sitka enlisted man's court martial postponed. How coastal Alaskans solve resource problems. State DOT officials field road and ferry concerns about Kake. Parnell administration wants feds to reconsider ANWR rejection.

Meet K.C.A.W.

IMG_0054-1It's not unusual for cruise ship visitors to wander up and look around here at Raven Radio. On Wednesday, we got a visit from the Wilson family, visiting Sitka on a cruise ship. When you learn their son's name, you'll know why they were so interested in putting us on their itinerary.

How coastal Alaskans solve resource problems

Karen_HebertA team of researchers is working on a multi-year study in coastal communities from Bristol Bay to Sitka. But unlike their counterparts in the biological sciences, this university team is not studying fish, or marine mammals, or forest ecosystems. They’re studying us. Karen Hebert (pronounced “eh-BEAR”) is an anthropologist at Yale University. She’s examining the parallels between Bristol Bay and Southeast as they confront mining, fisheries, and timber issues.

Tue Jul 30, 2013

Sitka Little League All-Stars lose state championship series 3-1 to Anchorage. NOAA extends comment period for halibut catch sharing plan for two weeks. In REBOUND program, girls learn to navigate social pressures -- in kayaks. Coastal Footprint spends time on Sitka beach cleanup.

REBOUND helps girls navigate social pressure — in kayaks

A new short film from Sitka’s domestic violence shelter explores prevention from an unexpected angle: camping and kayaking. REBOUND is the name of the film and the program, which completed its third season early this summer. Although it has included boys in the past, REBOUND this year brought together nine high-school age girls for an extended kayaking trip in Southeast Alaska.

‘Coastal Footprint’ returns to clean Sitka beaches

IMG_0537-1A nonprofit organization that conducted beach cleanups along the entire North American west coast three years ago is at it again, this time closer to Sitka.

Anchorage beats Sitka for state little league title

IMG_2250-2Sitka’s Little League All Stars lost a hard-fought series in Wrangell over the weekend, 3 games to 1. Anchorage’s Abbott-O-Rabbit claimed the Little League title, and will represent the state in the regional tournament in August.

Kake: 25 years of suicide prevention with traditional foods

Shawaan Jackson-Gamble cleans a halibut for the Kake culture camp. Photo by Erik Neumann, KCAW – Sitka.Like many villages this time of year, Kake just hosted a culture camp, a week of teaching Native youth about traditional food gathering and processing. But during this week of hunting, smoking, and canning, they’re also addressing a big health issue: suicide.

Sitka Seafood Festival served up starting Thursday

Sitka Seafood Festival organizer Alicia Olson outlines plans for this year's four-day festival, which opens this Thursday, August 1, 2013. The highlight is a five-course banquet Friday evening. For more information, visit the Sitka Seafood Festival online.