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Waiting for humpies

All those bear tracks we see along streams? This is how they get there. (Hugh Bevan photo)

All those bear tracks we see along streams? This is how they get there. (Hugh Bevan photo)

Sitkan Hugh Bevan captured yet another trailcam portrait of one of Sitka’s local brown bears. This guy was scouting for humpies about 10 miles south of town, at 8:15 in the morning on July 31. Bevan first came across the no-name stream while hunting a few years ago, and noticed fish bones along the banks. He checked this trailcam on August 2, and discovered several other bears had been photographed as well. He’s decided to keep clear of “Scary Creek” until October!


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Governor declares disaster in Sitka, freeing up relief funds

On Friday, Governor Bill Walker issued a disaster declaration for Sitka, in response to seven landslides on August 18th. In a letter to the legislature, Walker said he would cap relief at $1 million for the moment, but that the incident is ongoing and total recovery costs are unknown. According to Gorman, the cost of emergency response alone is estimated to be over half a million dollars. Individual assistance and family grants are also available, at a cap of $16,450 per household. more

Source of large oil spill in ANB Harbor identified

The Coast Guard has determined the source of a large diesel spill that spread from Sitka Sound into ANB harbor yesterday morning (08-31-15). The source was a commercial vessel south of ANB Harbor, Since the spill wasn’t reported for several hours, the size could have been anywhere from 50 gallons to 300 gallons. That made clean-up difficult. more