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Sawmill Creek Road project: A blast from the past

IMG_0023-1The blasting along Sawmill Creek Road this fall has been blamed for a series of water main ruptures in Sitka -- along with many smaller inconveniences to motorists, tourists, hikers, and bikers headed out to the fare end of the community's road system. The state-funded project has been five years in the making, and many Sitkans -- at least in one coffee shop patronized by KCAW's Rich McClear -- have forgotten how it came to be such an earth-shaking effort.

With new standards, Sitka to keep focus on students

BRADSHAW_250The Sitka School District is bracing for changes in the way its teaching staff and academic performance are assessed. Superintendent Steve Bradshaw and assistant superintendent Mary Wegner outlined some of the programs and objectives of the district in a presentation to the Sitka Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday (10-30-13).

Stardust Ball Slideshow: Who’s under that wig?

Trick-or-treat trio

halloween girlsDespite some truly spooky weather, crowds in costume turned out for the Chamber of Commerce's annual downtown trick-or-treating on Halloween. This trio dressed up as fairy tale characters with a twist: they're (un)dead. Can you name them?

We’ve Reached our Fall Goal!

thankyouwebA HUGE Thank You to everyone who helped us reach our Fall Goal of $55,000! We had a great time during the One-Day Drive, and it's because of members like You that we can continue to do what we do. Thank You!


photo (3)Raven Radio has had four General Managers in 30 years. Rich McClear was the very first and recently sat at his old desk. He wasn't just enjoying the view of Sitka Channel though, he was editing a news story. Rich has been volunteering in the News Department for the last several weeks, filing stories from the ATIA conference among others. See his latest story on how the Sawmill Creek Road project came to pass here. Thanks Rich!

Sitka’s new bear cub settles in

Les Kinnear, who runs Fortress of the Bear, feeds the 9-month-old black bear cub by hand. (Rachel Waldholz, KCAW)The orphaned black bear cub who recently became famous in the virtual world is settling into her new home in the real world, at Sitka's Fortress of the Bear.

Swing Tunes with Alan Maloney on The Speaking Tube


In all the moves over his 27 year Coast Guard career, Chief Alan Maloney of Air Station Sitka always seemed to find that swing. Listen in to the latest Speaking Tube as Alan shares his swing music, his swing stories … more

Wed Oct 30, 2013

Trial date set in wrongful death lawsuit of Hoonah police officer. Virtual celebrity "Smokey" settles in to real-world home at Fortress of the Bear. School officials in Petersburg address growing cyberbullying problem.

3A Regional Wrestling Tourney to be held in Sitka

SHS wrestler Jaren Sumauang (Sr.) and head coach Will Patrick discuss the team's prospects for the current season.