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Can logging switch to second-growth sooner?

6-10 Logged area N of AngoonCan Southeast’s timber industry survive while only logging second-growth forests? An Oregon research group says it can. And it could happen sooner than many expect.

17th WhaleFest to feature Arctic science

Madison Kosma, WhaleFest coordinator, and Jan Straley, science symposium director, discuss the agenda for the 2013 WhaleFest (Oct 31 - Nov 3, Harrigan Centennial Hall). This year's fest features a free film festival on Halloween night. For complete details, visit WhaleFest online.

Sineti sings! to open 2013 WhaleFest

Shantyman Don Sinetti kicks off this year's WhaleFest with songs and yarns. He's a professional educator with the Mystic Seaport.

Tue Oct 29, 2013

Troller Denny M to remain below Sitka Channel pending new salvage plan. Dude Creek wetlands management plan sparks controversy. Juneau filmmaker plans to satirize 2014 legislature.

Mon Oct 28, 2013

Public comment period on KSM Mine closed, but opponents pledge to fight on. Two Sitkans treated for paralytic shellfish poisoning after eating Starrigavan clams. Sitka short-listed for "Roadmaps to Health" prize. Samson Tug & Barge to take over Northland Services beginning Nov. 8. Ketchikan airport named one of the world's most thrilling?

Sunken boat to remain in Sitka Channel for now

A sunken fishing boat in Sitka’s harbor will remain where it is for the indefinite future, while its owner develops a better plan to remove it. The 44-foot wooden troller Denny M sunk outside Eliason Harbor earlier this year. A buoy marks its present location in the Sitka Channel.

Still testing website

pleasestandby_webThis website will be undergoing some testing through this afternoon. You may see some elements mis-sized or mis-shaped during this process. We'll remove this post when all is done.

Smokey makes it to Sitka

A young black bear cub orphaned near Seward is seen here after arrival Friday at its new home in Sitka at Fortress of the Bear. Photo courtesy Phil Mooney, ADF&G.The young black bear cub called Little Smokey is the newest resident of Sitka’s Fortress of the Bear.

Shellfish poisonings sicken two Sitkans

000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 -toxic-shellfish-large570-001Two Sitkans suffered symptoms of paralytic shellfish poisoning after eating clams harvested in the Starrigavan Creek area, not far from the community’s ferry terminal.

Sitka shortlisted for national health prize

Sitka has been shortlisted for a national health prize, called Roadmaps to Health.