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Small bird-banding study could produce big results

Oregon_junco_250Alaska has its share of big science projects, to be sure. But to get results, science doesn’t always have to be huge. In Sitka, a project in its second year is studying the seasonal movement of juncoes and some other sparrows. It started as a way to involve kids in science, and to answer some basic questions about a species so common that we haven’t taken the trouble to study it.

More Sitkans turn to the Salvation Army for food assistance

Although the national economy is improving, one aspect of Sitka’s economy hasn't improved: food prices. The steady climb in prices since 2008 has not reversed, and many families -- though doing better -- are still living close to the edge.

Sales tax holiday set for Friday and Saturday

The Sitka assembly gave final approval Tuesday night for a sales tax holiday this Friday and Saturday, the two days after Thanksgiving. The assembly also passed on first reading a proposed ordinance that would require the city to make the decision about sales tax holidays earlier in the year.

LeConte sailings cancelled through the weekend

The LeConte docks at Juneau's Auke Bay terminal in 2013. (Ed Schoenfeld/CoastAlaska News)A broken bow thruster has put the ferry LeConte out of service through at least Monday.

Sitka assembly to send paychecks to Philippines

The Sitka assembly on Tuesday night was asked to make a donation on behalf of the city to disaster relief in the Philippines – and said no. Instead, members volunteered to donate part of their own paychecks.

St. Peter’s Bazaar: A festive event to fight homelessness

St. Peter's-by-the-Sea Episcopal Churchwomen Pauline Fredrickson and Candi Barger discuss next Saturday's Annual Christmas Bazaar & Luncheon (10AM - 2PM Saturday, December 7). The bazaar features baked goods, crafts, chowder, and chili. The event benefits St. Peter's 12-step programs, and efforts to combat homelessness.

Wed Nov 27, 2013

Assembly declines to spend public funds on typhoon relief in the Phillipines, opts for private donations. Residents react to proposed Harrigan Centennial Hall facelift. Despite improving economy, Salvation Army food assistance program in Sitka is on the rise.

Tue Nov 26, 2013

Assembly expected to approve sales tax holiday for this weekend. Sitka family's second home in the Phillipines shelters typhoon survivors. Fishermen want to broaden use of electronic monitoring, rather than human observers, in federal fisheries.

In Sitka, watching typhoon’s devastation back home

Myrna Cirera and her husband Felix have a house and relatives in the Philippines city of Tacloban, which was hit hard by Typhoon Haiyan. (KCAW photo/Rachel Waldholz)A Sitka family is rebuilding in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan, which tore through the Philippines in early November. Sitka mailman Felix Cirera traveled back to his hometown of Tacloban this week to find out what is left of the beach-side home that he and his wife, Myrna, had built in the city and planned to retire to. Several of the Cireras' relatives rode out the storm in the house.

Proposed Centennial update out-of-character for Sitka?

Centennial_proposal_250_2The Sitka assembly took a look at a concept for updating Harrigan Centennial Hall Tuesday night (11-16-13), in a one-hour work session prior to its regular meeting. On Monday, architects from the Anchorage firm of McCool, Carlson, and Green gave a similar presentation to the public.