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‘Twas the News before Christmas

There is a reason radio reporters are best heard -- and not seen -- during the holidays. (Flickr photo/istolethetv)

There is a reason radio reporters are best heard — and not seen — during the holidays. (Flickr photo/istolethetv)

You hear them every single weeknight of the year, on Alaska News Nightly, bringing you the events of the day from our huge state.

But how well do you really know them?

This is Clement Clark Moore’s holiday classic, The Night Before Christmas — from some of the most familiar voices on our airwaves.

Listen to iFriendly audio.

Dave Bendinger
Lauren Rosenthal
Robert Woolsey
Casey Kelly
Shady Grove Oliver
Emily Forman
Tony Gorman
Rachel Waldholz
Brianna Gibbs
Shaylon Cochran
Rosemarie Alexander
Phillip Manning
Lisa Phu
Ben Matheson
Aaron Selbig
Emily Schwing
Ariel Van Cleave
Annie Ropeik
Ed Schoenfeld
Anna Rose MacArthur
Angela Denning-Barnes
Jay Barrett
Ed Ronco

Thanks to Ariel Van Cleave at KBBI in Homer for creating our News Before Christmas!

Recent News

Denied promotion, Leone thanks rescuers and moves on

Lt. Lance Leone, right, hugs Darryl Penn, a La Push resident who helped rescue him from a helicopter crash. Leone visited La Push at the fourth anniversary of the July 7, 2010 crash. (Photo: Ed Ronco/KPLU)
On July 7, 2014, KCAW News broadcast a special report from the Center for Investigative Reporting on the aftermath of the crash of Coast Guard helicopter 6017, and its impact on the culture of accountability in the Coast Guard. On the same day, the co-pilot and lone survivor, Lt. Lance Leone, revisited the crash site to talk with the Quileute Tribe fishermen who pulled him from the ocean. Former KCAW reporter Ed Ronco accompanied Leone on his return to La Push, Washington -- his last as an officer in the Coast Guard. more

Fiber optic cable suspected in communication outage

Mother Nature rattled Northern Southeast this morning (7-25-14) with and magnitude 5.9 earthquake and several dozen aftershocks. The quake appeared to have damaged internet and cell service to thousands of Southeast residents. Service providers suspect damage to an underwater fiber-optic cable, but the cable's owner, Alaska Communications Systems, has not released any information. more