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Glacier Bay’s bears a remnant of the Ice Age

Where glacial ice has most recently retreated, Glacier Bay's bears rely on the intertidal area for food. (Tania Lewis photo)Brown bears are one of the most intensively-studied species in Southeast Alaska. Much of the focus is on population management for hunting. But one scientist studies bears for their sake and not ours. Tania Lewis is the terrestrial wildlife biologist at Glacier Bay National Park. She’s made some breakthroughs in both behavior and genetics, and she can’t help but sing about it.

USCG dockside exams offer “second set of eyes”

Steve Ramp, of the U.S. Coast Guard, discusses the free dockside exam program for commercial fishing vessels. The voluntary program gives fishermen a "second set of eyes" to look over their equipment and verify it meets federal requirements.

Mon Feb 24, 2014

Proposed legislation would allow concealed firearms to be carried on University of Alaska campuses. Gov. Parnell appoints Democrat Sam Kito III to fill seat vacated by Juneau Rep. Beth Kerttula. Pebble Mine opponents take their message to D.C.

Measure calls for Tongass timber transfer

Part of the Tongass National Forest, on mainland between Wrangell and Petersburg, is seen in this view from an airplane. A Senate measure calls for the state to take over some Tongass timberlands. (Ed Schoenfeld/CoastAlaska News)Legislation urging the state to take over some Tongass National Forest lands is attracting questions and opposition.

A Tribute to Harry

Slide515Harry Chartier founded "Comin' Up Country" in the early 90's. When Harry passed away in the winter of 2014 his friends and family gathered at the station to share music and memories. Listen here...

Healthcare deadline fast approaching; Andrea Thomas offers help

SEARHC outreach and enrollment manager Andrea Thomas shares tips for healthcare enrollment in advance of the Affordable Care Act mandated deadline, March 31.

Fri Feb 21, 2014

Alaska Oil and Gas President spoke to the Sitka Chamber about the state of the oil and gas industry in Alaska. Alaska's mayors and other local officials are worried about the cost of public employees' retirement. Legislation to reauthorize 12 economic development organizations in Alaska stalled.

Moriarty: Alaska has ample oil reserves

Kara_Moriarty_100Alaska Oil and Gas Association President Kara Moriarty traveled from Anchorage this week(2-19-14) to speak to Sitka’s Chamber of Commerce about the state of the oil and gas industry in Alaska.

Free light show; look up

The northern lights in Sitka. (KCAW photo/by Rebecca Laguire)Did you catch the show last night? In case you missed it, or couldn't escape the city lights, here's a glimpse of the Northern Lights captured by KCAW's Rebecca LaGuire. Rumor has it that an equally, if not more, brilliant display will take place this evening. It's worth trekking off the beaten path - more fodder for bragging to family and friends in the lower 48!

Trend, or trendy? Examining technology’s role in education

The Sitka School District envisions tablets for students in the elementary grades, and laptops for older students. (Flickr photo/Devon Christopher Adams}The Sitka School Board remains committed to putting a mobile computing device in the hands of every student in the near future. The board held a presentation on the Alaska 1:1 Digital Learning Initiative Tuesday night (2-18-14). The presentation evolved into a free-wheeling discussion of the role of technology in all our lives, and whether it contributes to real learning, or creates shortcuts that may ultimately weaken education.