Station Highlights

It don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t got that swing!

Seaman Lindy and Chief Alan from Air Station Sitka guest host on The Speaking Tube and take us on a swing journey. Listen to their favorite songs to swing to, songs you wouldn’t expect to swing to and learn about their love of the pretzel. Oh yeah, they both have thrown a telephone pole in the Highland Games as well.

Listen to the full show here!


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Leaders hold on in Sitka’s ‘richest’ salmon derby

In spite of great weather and fine fishing, no one was able to top the leader in the second weekend of Sitka’s Salmon Derby. Bert Edenso’s 42.6 pound king remained in first place, winning him $7,500. more

North Pacific Council to vote on halibut bycatch limits

Fishermen offload commercially-caught halibut in Juneau. (Flickr photo/Gillphoto)
Of the thirty million pounds of halibut caught last year by commercial fishermen statewide, nearly a third was thrown back into the ocean, dead. It was netted accidentally by boats targeting other fish - especially trawlers in the Bering Sea. Now, that may change. more