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GCI buys three Southeast TV stations, with big ambitions

GCI has announced plans to buy all three CBS affiliates in Southeast Alaska, including KTNL in Sitka. The purchase comes just weeks after GCI officially took ownership of three other stations, including Sitka's KSCT. If the sale is approved, GCI will own most of the commercial TV stations in Southeast--and it could mark a new era in Alaska media.

Running across the country to raise awareness of GMO-free food

Sitka father-and-son team Brett and David Wilcox talk about their plan to run across the United States to raise awareness of sustainable agriculture and GMO-free food.

Fri Dec 12, 2013

Governor Parnell's proposed budget includes no money for Southeast hydro projects. Budget includes several million dollars for Sitka infrastructure, but more for transportation projects elsewhere. City officials disappointed the budget includes no money for Sitka's Blue Lake dam. Next year's Stikine king salmon return expected to improve, but not enough for a commercial fishery.

Latest Kettleson design envisions library for 21st century

The Sitka Assembly unanimously approved the latest design for the expansion of Kettleson Memorial Library, at their regular meeting on Tuesday night.

Thurs Dec 12, 2013

Assembly approves latest design for Kettleson Memorial Library. Questions about the Affordable Care Act answered. New regulatory system for halibut charter boat operators.

Assembly votes to raise moorage fees

The cost of keeping a boat in Sitka’s harbors will likely increase next year, by about 6%. The Sitka Assembly voted to raise moorage fees at its regular meeting on Tuesday night, and the increase is probably the first of many.

Ocean floor sensors yield clues on seismic activity

Researchers dropped seismometers from a ship in late April; the instruments settled onto the ocean floor along the Queen Charlotte - Fairweather faults, and recorded data for a month. (Photo courtesy of Emily Roland)In January, a magnitude 7.5 earthquake shook up Southeast Alaska, and sent scientists scrambling to study the fault where it originated. Researchers placed sensors on the ocean floor, hoping to better map the fault system, and better predict the size and location of future earthquakes.

Sales tax holiday set for Friday and Saturday

The Sitka assembly gave final approval Tuesday night for a sales tax holiday this Friday and Saturday, the two days after Thanksgiving. The assembly also passed on first reading a proposed ordinance that would require the city to make the decision about sales tax holidays earlier in the year.

Sitka assembly to send paychecks to Philippines

The Sitka assembly on Tuesday night was asked to make a donation on behalf of the city to disaster relief in the Philippines – and said no. Instead, members volunteered to donate part of their own paychecks.

In Sitka, watching typhoon’s devastation back home

Myrna Cirera and her husband Felix have a house and relatives in the Philippines city of Tacloban, which was hit hard by Typhoon Haiyan. (KCAW photo/Rachel Waldholz)A Sitka family is rebuilding in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan, which tore through the Philippines in early November. Sitka mailman Felix Cirera traveled back to his hometown of Tacloban this week to find out what is left of the beach-side home that he and his wife, Myrna, had built in the city and planned to retire to. Several of the Cireras' relatives rode out the storm in the house.