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Budget woes to stall Katlian Bay road project?

The Katlian Bay Road was authorized, along with several other transportation easements, in Public Law 109-59, aka "SAFETEA-LU," passed in 2005 when Rep. Don Young chaired the House Transportation Committee. (KCAW graphic)A six-mile extension of Halibut Point Road into Katlian Bay is slated for funding this year - but the state budget crunch may change that. The one-lane, gravel road would connect to lands owned by Sitka’s urban Native corporation.

Chamber winners to be secret until Jan 31 Awards Gala

Jen Robinson, executive director of the Sitka Chamber of Commerce, describes her plans for the Chamber's Gala Awards Dinner on January 31. Unlike past years, this year's winner of the prestigious Cossack Cap will remain secret until the award is announced during the event. For more information visit the Greater Sitka Chamber of Commerce online.

Former KCAW fellow documenting 100 stories of gun violence in Milwaukee

1-Laylah-compositeThe former Winter Fellow has taken on an ambitious new project. Emily Forman is the Senior Producer of the Precious Lives Project, led by 371 Productions, to produced 100 episodes and a community engagement campaign about gun violence.

Marijuana Town Hall: Sitkans offer ideas on cafes, kids

Municipal attorney Robin Koutchak (far left) speaks as the audience gathers for Sitka's Marijuna Town Hall. "How far do we want to go," she asked. "Do we want police to say 'Drop the brownie'?" (KCAW photo/Robert Woolsey)The City of Sitka wants to have some regulations in place by the time the public use of marijuana becomes legal in Alaska on February 24. At a Town Hall Meeting Monday night (1-19-15) residents had the chance to offer their opinions on where and if marijuana should be used in public places in the community. And as you might expect with a controversial topic like marijuana, there were opinions to spare.

Community service superstars honored on MLK Day

08-_DSC8602These students were among 30 presented with certificates on Martin Luther King Jr. Day at a ceremony at Blatchley Middle School. The students ranged from Lexie Kennedy in kindergarten to seniors at all three high schools.

Stedman: Fixing budget ‘more than a one-year conversation’

Stedman, a vocal opponent of SB21, says Alaska has to find an oil revenue structure "that doesn't change with every governor." (KCAW photo/Robert Woolsey)Stedman may be looking at one of the most difficult legislative sessions of his career. He openly opposed the previous governor’s changes to Alaska’s oil tax structure, anticipating a day of reckoning -- one that's come sooner than anyone expected.

Sitka High DDF wins at regional meet in Juneau

Sitka High senior Owen Fulton took first place in speaker points at last weekend's regional Drama, Debate, and Forensics meet in Juneau. He an his partner Annemarie Pike were the top debate team. The Sitka High DDF team will hold a Showcase on Friday, February 13 in the Sitka Performing Arts Center, before heading to the State Tournament the following weekend. This audio temporarily unavailable.

City to gather opinion at Marijuana Town Hall

Municipal attorney Robin Koutchak and Police Chief Sheldon Schmitt discuss their plans to hold a Marijuana Town Hall meeting, on Monday, January 19 at 6:30 PM. Voters approved the legalization of marijuana in November; the law takes effect on February 24, and municipalities may set up local ordinances to regulate recreational consumption. This audio temporarily unavailable.

Special_ProgrammingRaven Radio will be bringing you some special programming the week of January 19th-22nd. A Townhall Meeting about marijuana, the President's State of the Union, and the Governor's State of the State and Budget address. Click here for details.

Blatchley crowns a spelling bee c-h-a-m-p-i-o-n

Iona Burdick looks on during the Blatchley Middle School Spelling Bee. Her sister Esther competed, along with 32 other students. (Emily Kwong/KCAW photo)Minuscule. Hydroponic. Spoonerism. These and over 100 other words of escalating difficulty were posed before participants at the Blatchley Middle School Spelling Bee.