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Sitka man sentenced to 40 years for sexual assault

A Sitka man has been sentenced to over 40 years in prison for sexual assault.

Jazz Festival has returning favorites, new schedule

JAZZFEST_lgThe Sitka Jazz Festival kicks off tomorrow, including a return by vocalist Barbara Morrison and shorter evening concerts. Downloadable audio.

‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’

IMG_5361[1]As of 2013, 84% of Edgecumbe’s graduates already go on to attend universities or technical schools. Edgecumbe might need a little more funding, but we don’t need an entirely new system.

Schools to Task Force: ‘We don’t have any more fluff’

IMG_3600On Monday night (02-01-16), the Citizens' Task Force heard from the Sitka School District, which is beginning their budget process this month.

Task force chair opens two-hospital conversation

photojoinerThe old question of ‘Can Sitka afford two hospitals?’ became new again, as the Citizens’ Task Force heard a budget report from Sitka Community Hospital yesterday In his remarks, hospital CEO -- and task force chair -- Rob Allen raised the question of how the hospital could work more efficiently with its neighbor across the bridge.

Sitka High cheerleaders ready for regionals

IMG_1570Members of the Sitka High Cheer squad Minh Iwamoto, Kami Dodson and Tessa Schindler chat with Tom Hesse of the Daily Sitka Sentinel for this High School Activities Report. Downloadable audio.

Video: Alaska’s Budget is a Sandwich

Former KCAW reporter, and current APRN energy reporter Rachel Waldholz uses your lunch to explain what the Alaska state budget is up against.

Marijuana laws missing key language

Alaska's marijuana statutes are missing language that enables the FBI to perform national background checks. (Photo by Enrique Mendez Governor Byron Mallott signed the state marijuana regulations into law last month (01-22-16) and the state will begin accepting license applications on February 24th. But there’s a wrench in the works: the original bill fails to properly authorize background checks.

Car chase ends in Swan Lake

6debfce4-716f-42a1-a392-eeaef4e963f2Swan Lake was home to more than just birds for a few hours Sunday morning. A short but high-speed car chase ended when an unlicensed driver toppled a telephone pole and skidded his SUV into the lake.

Sitka Community Land Trust updates

imagesRandy Hughey and Mim McConnell of the Sitka Community Land Trust talk about major changes to the organization, formerly Sitka Community Development Corporation. Downloadable audio.