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Biologists investigate local abalone, otter populations

c883ab66-cd1d-4b95-b68f-2d6b1febcd5fLauren Bell, research biologist at the Sitka Sound Science Center, is joined by former aquarium director Taylor White, who is a PhD student at University of California Santa Cruz.

After seven years at sea, avalanche experts stop in Sitka

Jill Fredston, author and avalanche expert, stands aboard her boat docked in Eliason Harbor.You may be surprised to learn that Jill Fredston doesn’t row everywhere. Fredston and her husband Doug Fesler arrived recently in Sitka aboard their yellow cruiser, the Compañera with a pair of rowing shells lashed on deck.

Assembly: “The city can’t afford to get into the welfare business.”

6286669386_50339e779e_zThe Sitka Assembly voted down an ordinance last night (6-14-16) to subsidize the utility bills of low income Sitkans. Bill sponsor Tristan Guevin said he’d still like to city do more to help those most in need.

Founding festival musician to perform free concerts

Stevenson_Doris-02-300x300Stevenson is one of the five original musicians from the first festival in 1972, and she came to Sitka almost every year for the first 40 years.

Sitkans hold vigil for Orlando shooting victims

IMG_7711A crowd of nearly 100 Sitkans gathered in Totem Square last night (06-13-16), to honor the 49 victims of Sunday's (06-12-16) shooting at Pulse, an Orlando nightclub. The group gathered beneath a blue sky in a big circle and, holding strips of orange paper, took turns reading the forty nine name aloud.

June 14, 2016: What’s happening at tonight’s Assembly meeting?

4434354492_8e440d4999_oWhen the Assembly meets tonight (06-14-16), they’ll put a rubber stamp on the FY17 budget. They’ll also vote on a program to subsidize utility bills and evaluate bulk water contracts with two companies, including Alaska Bulk Water Incorporated.

Bear spray an effective deterrent, with practice!

Stopping a charging bear can be like stopping "a freight train." Forest Service instructors recommend stepping aside as you spray. (Flickr photo/Marshmallow)So far, there have been two bear attacks in Southeast and summer is just getting started. KCAW’s Brielle Schaeffer decided to try her hand at using bear spray and has this story.

Meet KCAW’s summer intern, Katherine Rose!

unnamedKCAW has a new summer intern and we met with her during The Morning Interview. Katherine Rose is pursuing a master's degree at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, with a focus on radio journalism.

Family restores salmon habitat, one tree at a time

01230e3c-0364-4874-aeda-f40e18fc4a99Heavy equipment is rumbling across Kruzof Island near Sitka again, but this time the big rigs are not removing trees -- instead, they’re putting them back.

Glenda Cunard orchestrates free recitals with touch of history

Downloadable audio

Glenda Cunard is an organist and music director for Grace Lutheran Church in Ormond Beach, Florida. She performs free recitals, 12 p.m. daily at Sitka Lutheran Church through June 20.… more