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Drama, Debate, & Forensics event in search of judges

Sitka debaters "huddle" to strategize.Marcia Drake coaches MEHS's Drama, Debate, & Forensics team, who is hosting and competeing in a meet Oct. 1. The DDF event is in search of judges for the upcoming event. Downloadable audio.

Assembly divvies up $45,000 to non-profits

160920_nonprofitawards_kwongThe Sitka Assembly held their first meeting in their new chambers yesterday night (09-19-16), dedicated to non-profit contributions. The Assembly awarded $45,000 from the general fund to eight non-profit organizations.

Columbia damage means less ferry service to Sitka

The M/V Columbia, recently re-powered, is not one of the three ships which could possibly be retired soon. (Flickr/Gillfoto)Sitka will have no Alaska Marine Highway service Sept. 26 to Oct. 9. The two-week gap comes because the ferry Columbia will soon head to a drydock for repairs.

Full program: School board candidate forum

Challenger Ed Gray (l.) and incumbent Jennifer McNichol have two very different approaches to education. Gray would like to dismantle testing and sever ties with the US Department of Education, and give parents more control over schools; McNichol believes that public education is the "foundation that we all develop from," and individualism, creativity, and choices stem are built from there. (KCAW photo, Emily Kwong)School board candidates Ed Gray and Jennifer McNichol take listener questions live tonight, Monday, September 19, from 6:30 - 8 PM. Call in your question at 747-5877, or email us at news@kcaw-dot-org.

Global Warming Group to discuss plastic bag fee

The Sitka Global Warming Group is advocating to charge for plastic and paper bags at grocery stores. Collected fees would go towards school funding residential electric rate stabilization, etc. Downloadable audio.

Sitkans join North Dakota pipeline fight

IMG_8858Thousands continue to protest in North Dakota, at the site where an oil pipeline is under construction. The events in Standing Rock have sparked demonstrations for clean water and tribal rights across the country, including Sitka.

Kinnear: “I’ve always been a voice for the underdog.”

160914_evykinnear_kwongEvy Kinnear isn’t afraid of a challenge. In 2002, she moved from Los Angeles to co-found Fortress of the Bear. With the business in good hands, Kinnear has set her sights on a new challenge: the local economy. And to do that, she’s seeking one of two open seats this fall at the Assembly table.

Candidate statement: Aaron Swanson

IMG_8820"I have been a member of the Assembly since 2013 and wish to continue as an advocate for the people, often being the voice of reason. Although I do not always speak on some items on the agenda, when I do speak it is to the point and usually worth listening to."

Boots thunder through downtown Sitka

IMG_8967Sitkans took flight down Lincoln Street today (09-17-16)-- on wings made of rubber!

Family bike ride emphasizes safety

kidical-massBill Foster and Doug Osborne with the Bicycle Friendly Community Coalition discuss tomorrow's (09-17-16) Kidical Mass Bike Ride. Downloadable audio.