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‘Anna Blanc’ leads readers where angels fear to tread

Where's Anna Blanc? Kincheloe's protagonist is 19, and could easily look like one of these women from a 1910 image on her website.A visiting author has captured the experience of some of the country’s earliest female police officers in her debut novel, “The Secret Life of Anna Blanc.”

Campers prep for final performances

627eea12-2713-4a74-979e-9b5725328f94Sitka Fine Arts Camp's high school camp is wrapping up as students prepare for their final performance.

Stedman, nine others, face no election challenges

Sen. Bert Stedman reacts to testimony at a 2014 Senate Labor and Commerce committee meeting. The Sitka Republican is one of 10 lawmakers running unopposed this year. (Photo by Skip Gray/Gavel Alaska)A fifth of Alaska legislators running this year face no opposition. One is Sitka Sen. Bert Stedman, who faces no contest – for the second time.

Sitka Maritime Heritage Society on fundraising push

2503221Brinnen Carter and Rebecca Poulson joined us in the studio to talk about the Sitka Maritime Heritage Society. Downloadable audio

Animal shelter director talks first year on the job

Brielle Schaeffer/KCAW PhotoKen Buxton is the city's Animal Control Officer and Director of Sitka's Animal Shelter. He joined us in the studio to talk about what's new at the shelter, offer safety reminders for the summer, and discuss his first year on the job. Downloadable audio

‘Chichagof Dream’ gets a 100-ton makeover

This summer Sitka-based Allen Marine brought a fifth ship under their Alaskan Dream Cruises brand, but the ship itself has sailed Southeast before, as the 'Spirit of Glacier Bay.'

Beached whale sighted in Whale Bay

The whale was first seen about 40 miles southeast of Sitka in Whale Bay. (KCAW image)The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is searching for a whale reported dead near Sitka earlier this week.

Alaska Whale Foundation grows wings in Warm Springs

23b1a68f-d201-4f81-b0b7-6939eb8350acThe Alaska Whale Foundation is growing wings. Since establishing a field station in Warm Springs Bay, the AWF has been able to open its doors to other areas of study. . KCAW’s Katherine Rose recently took the daylong cruise around Baranof Island to Warm Springs Bay to learn about the Alaska Whale Foundation’s new bird monitoring project.

Rasmuson grant boosts Sitka’s affordable cottage plan

An affordable cottage neighborhood on Halibut Point Road in Sitka took another step toward reality, with the help of almost a quarter-of-a-million dollars in grant funding.

Electric vehicle group supports growing number of owners

20130619_ECarsDavid Nicholls joined us in the studio to talk about Sitka's electric vehicle group. The group originated from the Sitka Global Warming group, and meets every other month at the library to discuss electric vehicles. Downloadable audio