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Alexander Allison: Candidate statement

160909_AlexanderAllison_Kwong"The fishing fleet has always been the economic lifeblood of this community. Despite levying ever-increasing harbor fees and various fish taxes, not enough has been done to support the fleet."

Kevin Knox: Candidate statement

Kevin Knox is one of five candidates running for two open seats on the Assembly. The municipal election is Tuesday, October 4, 2016. (Emily Kwong/KCAW photo)"Key to me in representing Sitka on the city assembly is to be responsive and conversant about the issues important to our community. Equity, fiscal and program sustainability will be at the forefront of my mind."

September 13, 2016: What’s happening at tonight’s Assembly meeting?

160913_assemblypreview_kwongWhen the Assembly meets tonight (09-13-16), they’ll determine which of two tax breaks they’ll implement if voters approve raising the property tax cap this fall. The Assembly will also receive an update from the Sitka Community Playground Group and the Electric Department.

Hunter: A youthful ‘elder statesman’ seeks mayor’s chair

Whether he wins the mayor's chair or not, Hunter will have served six years on the assembly by the time he wants to take a break in 2018. "It's not always fun, but it is rewarding because you get to help Sitka, be part of the process, and ultimately make our town a better place." (KCAW photo/Robert Woolsey) At 34, Matt Hunter has served four years so far in local government -- one as deputy mayor. He says he's got the experience -- and the patience -- to move to the mayor's chair.

Eco-detectives wanted this Saturday at SNHP!


Ryan Carpenter with Sitka National Historical Park, Janet Clarke with Sitka Sound Science Center, and Molly Johnson with the Sitka Conservation Society discuss Eco-Detectives, an exploratory science activity taking place at the park on Saturday, September 17th from 10 AM … more

City-wide outage traced to Medvejie substation

160913_medveijieoutage_wagnerAll of Sitka experienced a brief power outage early Saturday morning (09-10-16). Customers lost power at 2:28 AM on Saturday when an insulator failed at the Medvejie substation. Electric department line crews worked through the storm to repair the insulator and power was fully restored at 3:58 AM.

With 3 attacks in a month, Sitka bears showing ‘stress’

The Forest Service is not sure why Sitka's bears seem to be on edge. An excess of cubs, too few pink salmon -- both might part of the explanation. (KCAW image)A pair of Forest Service workers killed a charging brown bear near Sitka at the end of August. It was the third dangerous bear encounter in the Sitka Ranger District in less than a month.

Community training focuses on domestic violence

DVMONTH_500Sitkans Against Family Violence will host their annual community training September 17th - 24th. The training will cover all aspects of interpersonal violence and abuse, including impacts on children, cultural considerations, and one-one-one training for women's advocates. Downloadable audio.

King fishing over, trollers near end of summer season

Deckhand Berett Wilber anticipates the end of the summer troll season, once she offloads this pile of cohos from the F/V Alexa K. (Charlie Wilber photo)The second summer troll opening for king salmon in Southeast Alaska is finally over. The 22-day opening was the second-longest on record for the fishery. Coho fishing remains open until September 22.

Amid affordability challenges, Knox sees silver linings

Kevin Knox is one of five candidates running for two open seats on the Assembly. The municipal election is Tuesday, October 4, 2016. (Emily Kwong/KCAW photo)There are two open seats on the Assembly. And Port and Harbors Commission Chair Kevin Knox is vying for one of them. The lifelong Sitkan got his start in public service through seaplanes and swim coaching, but it’s the cost of living on the land that’s motivating him to run for the first time.