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Music festival kicks off Saturday

Kayla Boettcher, Executive Director of the Sitka Summer Music Festival, discusses the festival’s kick-off event, “Wine & Music with Friends,” this Saturday, May 31, at 6 p.m. more

8-year-old leads Sitka Salmon Derby

After three days, 8-year-old Gemma Diehl led the Sitka Salmon Derby (photo courtesy of the Sitka Salmon Derby).

After three days, the current leader in the Sitka Salmon Derby is a grade-schooler. On Monday, eight-year-old Gemma Diehl landed a 51.4-lb king salmon nearly as tall as she is – and took the lead from her mother, Sherry Diehl. more

Studying what whales leave behind

Joe Roman Whale researcher and conservation biologist Joe Roman loves whale poop. He loves it so much he travels around the world’s oceans, scooping it up in plankton nets and studying it. Why? Because Roman believes that what whales leave behind, can tell us a lot about how oceans are connected, and may even help us tackle climate change. more

Sitka Kitch: A kitchen for everyone

Suzan Brawnlyn and Marjorie Hennessy talk about Sitka Kitch – an effort to create a community kitchen in Sitka. First proposed in 2013, Sitka Kitch recently partnered with the First Presbyterian Church, which has donated the use of its kitchen. more

Candidate Sullivan proposes “Great Teacher Fund”

Dan Sullivan Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan is running for Lieutenant Governor. He came through Sitka last week — and he’d like to get one thing straight, right off the bat. “Of course, I am the original Dan Sullivan,” he says. more

ATV rider found dead on Tenakee beach

A 34-year-old Juneau man was found dead on Sunday (5-18-14) in Tenakee Springs, after his ATV apparently flipped while he was riding on the beach. more

Blue Lake dam now 75% done

City Engineer Dean Orbison told the Chamber of Commerce that the city will have to rely on Indian River for drinking water in September and October, while the Blue Lake project is completed. (KCAW photo/Rachel Waldholz)

City officials updated the Chamber of Commerce on the Blue Lake hydro project this week. Engineer Dean Orbison reminded the Chamber that Sitka has continued to rely on Blue Lake for drinking water through the construction. But for about two months this fall, the city will have to switch to Indian River. more

HPR residents warned of Monday water shut-off

Residents are being warned that because of the road work on Halibut Point Road, water service will be shut off from the Channel Club out to the end of the road on Monday, May 19. The shut-off will last from 8:30 AM to 3 PM, said project manager Mike Ashton, of ASRC McGraw. more

Meth, heroin problem ‘hasn’t gotten better’

Detective Kyle Ferguson told the Sitka Assembly Tuesday night that nearly every crime investigated by Sitka police has some connection to drug abuse, if alcohol and marijuana is included. In the past year, abuse of heroin and methamphetamines in Sitka “hasn’t gotten noticeably worse, but it hasn’t gotten better either,” he said. “That in and of itself isn’t a good sign.” more

Assembly approves contract to bottle Blue Lake water

The Sitka Assembly approved a contract Tuesday night with a California company that hopes to bottle water from the Blue Lake reservoir. The contract gives the company, I Water, the right to buy up to 200-million gallons of city water a year. But I Water must start exporting water soon — or risk losing its water rights. more