Mugging for the camera

1-150922_RobsMug_woolseyMUG SHOT: News Director Robert Woolsey enjoys a hot beverage from our 2005 mug with art by Ray Peck. Make your pledge now to update your mug collection:

Raven Radio: Powered by the People!

PeoplepoweredradioRaven Radio is powered by YOU! This fall we need to raise $70,000 to keep the station moving forward, but we can't do it without you. Please become a member or renew your membership today.

The 2015 Mugs Are In!


The 2015 Raven Radio mugs are in! This year the mugs are hand-made pottery created right here in the USA, and features a logo by Vern Culp, from the original sign-on poster in 1982. Every mug is hand-glazed, making each … more

There’s still time!

There's still time to donate!There's still time to donate to KCAW and help us reach our Spring Goal! We still have a way to go and could use your help now. Please consider making a donation online right now to help Raven Radio continue providing you with excellent and varied programming. This is your community radio station. Keep us alive and well and serving this community for years to come! Click here to donate today!

If we missed you…

DSCN5814I was telling our little cat Moe that while our One Day Drive and the preceding week were truly an incredible display of community we are still short of our $85,000 Spring Drive goal. He said, let me help, everybody on the silvernet (his words) loves cats.  He said that if we missed YOU, please make your contribution to this community wide effort now!  He wants to thank everyone that helped so far...contributing, playing music, answering phones, and doing great radio shows (he listens...and contributes). Thank Mew! (Moe is a Sitka shelter cat and was born with one eye and two radio lovin' ears!) - Raven Radio GM Ken Fate

Let’s get lost!


Our One Day Drive is Friday, April 4th and will culminate with live music at the Cable House! Regal Cheese from 7-8 and The Lost Boys from 8-10pm. We’ll be broadcasting the performances live so you  can come down, or … more


Photo courtesy of Maxwell K. Johnson.We are casting our fundraising nets out wide during Raven Radio’s Online Drive. Help us fill our set to capacity the Spring by making your donation now at and support your community radio station.

Please click to contribute!

Please contribute now!Raven Radio's new mug design is revealed! Big thanks to Rebecca LaGuire, Raven's own program coordinator, for this year's design. The mug is just one way we thank you for supporting your public radio which you can do right now.

Celebrate Radio all week on KCAW

Long Live Radio!The Week of Radio Celebration is in full swing! Here's the schedule.