Deserted Island Archive

Amanda Taylor shipwrecked!

Amanda TaylorAmanda Taylor arrived in Sitka from Minnesota as an Americorp Volunteer. She immediately felt a connection with the community the fit right in working at she stayed! We're lucky to have Amanda in the community and we all got to know her a little better when she agreed to share her wishlist if she was shipwrecked on a "dessert-ed" island with only ten songs and one dessert to fill her days.

Monica Eastham’s Deserted Island tunes

IMG_20130120_093238Lifelong Sitkan Monica Eastham is this week's guest on the "Deserted Island" segment of Earbones with Ken and Rachel Friday night at 8pm. Due to website maintenance, we'll have to wait until Monday to post Monica's tunes list, a recording of the program and her one favorite dessert recipe.

Van Hanson’s Top Ten

van mug shotVan Hanson is a busy fellow: songwriter, musician, board game designer and creator/director of Sitka's 48-hour Film Festival. We're glad that he found time to pick the ten songs that he'd choose to have with him on a deserted island. He also chose his grandma's strawberry rhubarb pie, but get this - the recipe is secret - so you'll have to go straight to the source because we can't post it here. Here are his songs, and the show.

Norm Campbell banished to a dessert-ed island

IMG_2314Norm Campbell was the guest "Castaway" on Earbones on Friday, January 18th, 2013. Norm selected the ten songs that he would choose if stuck on a deserted island. He also selected his home made banana bread for the one sweet he could bring to his "Dessert-ed" island. Listen Here and see his list of songs and the banana bread recipe. Thanks Norm!

Johnny Wake on Earbones


Thanks to Johnny Wake, frontman of the Glorious Youth Parade, Sitka’s sprawlingest dance band, for sharing the ten songs he would choose if he was shipwrecked on a deserted island this week’s Earbones (Fridays at 8pm). Since it is a … more