Raven Anthology Six Word Story-a-Thon

You are invited to submit a six word story to be read on an upcoming Raven Anthology (Sunday afternoons at 1:30). Here's how: write a story made up of six words. The classic example is Ernest Hemingway's "For sale: baby shoes, never worn." The idea being, in those six words, there is a beginning, middle, and end. Stories can be handed in at Old Harbor Books, where an envelope will be waiting.

3A Region V Tournament

BattleBridge_lgGame times and brackets from the 3A Region V Tournament in Ketchikan.

2A Region V Tournament

2AGIRLS_lgSee the day's tournament schedule, the tournament brackets, and a link to Mt. Edgecumbe's live webcasts here.

Herring Dance

akdjflkjadslklkadshgildhjaoidhsfg… more

Herring Fishery Danceq

Come dance in your extra tuffs to the best of.… more

Website form testing

Website form testing this weekend!… more

Gallery Walk

Sitka’s artists….each and every one, will present a free gallery walk all night!… more

Tennis Lessons


Wednesday Free Lunch

Who says you can’t get a free lunch anymore.  This week, Jamal serves free venison stew to all comers at Raven Radio at Noon.… more