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Flotsam and Fliegenklatsche: Sitka a beachcomber’s paradise

Flotsametrics_IMG_1706During a 1-hour call-in show Tuesday (8-16-16) oceanographer Curtis Ebbesmeyer explained the origins of floating ocean debris -- everything from US Naval sonobuoys to dangerous Fliegenklatsche (aka fly swatters!). With Sitka ultra-combers Tyler and Dean Orbison.

The Garden Show is Back: Listen Here!

GardenShow_big_2For the 25th season of The Garden Show, you can hear it at a new time! Tune in Wednesday mornings around 8:30 am to hear Kitty LaBounty and Mollie Kabler answer all of your gardening questions. If you missed their latest episode, click here!

Listen: Meet the Love Dorks!

LoveDorks5-500x333Love that turns us into... well, dorks? No other species seems to struggle with getting together quite like we do. Tune into Raven Radio's new podcast: "Meet the Love Dorks"

Send a Love Letter on the radio!


Is there someone in your life you’d like to appreciate over the air? Maybe it’s a secret crush, your spouse of many years, or a friend who has always been there for you. Submit your love note to Raven Radio, … more

Calling all love letter writers…

IMG_5380This year's 2016 Sitka Love Notes project is back and bigger than ever, with more hosts reading your confessions of love, friendship, and plain ol' appreciation. There's three ways to participate.

Missed the Library Show? Listen to the archives!

LibShow_wavesJoin hosts, Sarah Bell, Brooke Schafer, and Kari Segal as they dive into the world of books with new guests each week.

Untangling Medicaid and the ACA


Raven Radio hosted a special half-hour program on Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act on January 4th, featuring Monique Martin, a health care policy adviser to the Commissioner of Health and Social Services and Andrea Thomas (907-966-8883), the SEARHC outreach/enrollment … more

Full Audio: The Library Show is back!

FullSizeRender (1)

The Library Show is back on Raven Radio in a brand new time slot! Tune in Sundays, at 10:30 am starting on Nov. 1st to hear all things books! This first show will feature all three of the show hosts: … more

Misunderstood Lyrics

Testing 123Cindy Edwards and Ryan Kaufman had so much fun during the Thursday morning Good Day Show, that we just had to hear it again! They explored songs with commonly (and not so commonly) misunderstood lyrics. If you missed it, check it out here!

Sitka Spotlights

Sitka Fellow, Sarah Gibson has been working on a new series called Sitka Spotlights.

Tune in on Monday mornings after the Writer’s Almanac to hear local residents sharing their art, work, and traditions with KCAW listeners. You can also hear … more