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‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’

IMG_5361[1]As of 2013, 84% of Edgecumbe’s graduates already go on to attend universities or technical schools. Edgecumbe might need a little more funding, but we don’t need an entirely new system.

Commentary: Cemetery Caretaker Thankful for Sitka Police

4-IMG_3343-500x375As the caretaker, as a Tlingit man that lives in this community, I just want to publicly thank them and I am grateful for the assistance I received in restoring this place.

Managing Sitka’s chicken-loving bear

Mooney darted and collared this sow and her cub near the Cove Marina in 2010. (ADF&G photo)Bears aren’t my friends and they aren’t more important than people but I respect them for what they are and understand my responsibility for the space and resources we share.

William Stortz, 1953-2015: A compelling, complicated heart

William Stortz was the most complicated man many of us will ever know. He was deep and steadfast and difficult to fathom. But complicated doesn’t mean contradictory. William measured his universe in long, deliberate strides.

Reducing bycatch critical to the future of halibut

150529_Frank_Balovich_woolseyAt its Sitka meeting, the North Pacific Fishery Management Council will learn that in 2014, seven times as many halibut were caught and killed as bycatch in the Bering Sea, than were harvested in the directed halibut fisheries.

Cyberscammers want access to computers, credit cards

Rob_Parker_woolseyI would like Sitkans to know about a cyberscam. Many of you have received calls from people claiming to be from Microsoft, or Norton Antivirus, or some other legitimate entity. They are not! My advice is to hang up!

Governor should restore promised school funding

Tim_Fulton_100My name is Tim Fulton and I am the clerk of the Sitka School Board. The governor has taken out of his proposed budget the one-time funding (HB278) that schools were promised last year.

A remembrance of Ron

Ron KrugerRon Krueger passed away recently – of natural causes. He was one big contradiction…a complex man with good qualities and challenging habits. I met Ron at Raven Radio – 30 years ago...

Commentary: A healthy community begins with us

141003_EllenDalyDear friends and neighbors, my name is Ellen Daly, and I’m speaking to you today as a member of the Sitka Health Summit Coalition. As Planning Day 2014 approaches, the Summit invites you to consider what community health and wellness means to you.

Vehicle tax a hasty solution for an overdue problem

140902_DaveDurham_woolsey-001Thus far, it appears City leaders believe a hasty, poorly researched and sloppily fielded tax is needed to offset “20 years of funding shortfalls” for local roads. That approach is like keeping the locomotive going down the tracks at full speed no matter how many bodies are tied to the tracks.