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Commentary: A healthy community begins with us

141003_EllenDalyDear friends and neighbors, my name is Ellen Daly, and I’m speaking to you today as a member of the Sitka Health Summit Coalition. As Planning Day 2014 approaches, the Summit invites you to consider what community health and wellness means to you.

Vehicle tax a hasty solution for an overdue problem

140902_DaveDurham_woolsey-001Thus far, it appears City leaders believe a hasty, poorly researched and sloppily fielded tax is needed to offset “20 years of funding shortfalls” for local roads. That approach is like keeping the locomotive going down the tracks at full speed no matter how many bodies are tied to the tracks.

Community Land Trust: Thanks, and now the work begins

170701_Joshua_Houston-001Thanks to all the agencies and individuals who helped make Sitka's first Community Land Trust a Reality. The next steps for Sitka Community Development Corporation are to approve a house design, select a qualified prospective home owner according to the CLT process, coach the home owner through financing, select a builder for the home on Lillian Drive, oversee the building project, and then choose our next project.

Harry Chartier, 1948-2014

Harry_Chartier_100How do you sum up the life of a good man? So many memories and qualities compacted into a few words. Harold Allen Chartier (Harry) was a man who lived a life of integrity and inspired others through his kindness, humility, and humor. Harry gave "a tip of the country hat" and joined up with the Ghost Riders in the Sky on Monday, February 3, 2014.

Murkowski flips on the filibuster

Keith_Nyitray_80 Last week Sen. Lisa Murkowski issued a statement that the recent change in the senate filibuster rules was "a power grab, plain and simple." It's interesting how time affects some people's memories.

Commentary: Culture can fill the void created by assimilation

Shanelle_Afcan_120 I attend Mt. Edgecumbe High School -- the same boarding school both my grandfathers were forced to attend in their youth. Needless to say, assimilation is a great success. But in that success, a tremendous loss remains for my people and for myself. A long time ago our cultures were taken away, and in their place were left alcohol, suicide, disconnection.

Sitka schools face unprecedented challenges

Garrison_100 Candidate statements are a listener service of Raven Radio -- not an endorsement of the candidate. All candidates for municipal office have been offered the same opportunity. Hello, my name is Lon Garrison and I am running for the Sitka School Board. I was first elected to the board in 2007 and then again in 2010, this will be my third time running for the board. I believe this is a critically important election. The Sitka school board and public education as a whole are facing unprecedented challenges and potential changes.

Our schools heading for crisis

COURTRIGHT_100Candidate statements are a listener service of Raven Radio -- not an endorsement of the candidate. All candidates for municipal office have been offered the same opportunity. My name is Stephen Courtright, candidate for Sitka School Board. We are at a time of crisis in the history of public education in the United States. Numerous forces are conspiring to devalue the importance of professional educators, to defund our children’s learning, and to minimize the importance of community schools.

Commentary: Fear of HPV vaccination unfounded, costly

RYAN_WALLACE_feaRyan Wallace is a medical student at the University of Washington who spent six weeks working in Sitka this spring. He urges listeners to check with the Centers for Disease Control for guidelines on the HPV vaccine, which is now recommended for both girls and boys at around 11-12 years of age.

Commentary: Sitkans should care about GM foods

IMG_0015-1Why should Sitkans care about farmers, lawsuits, pesticides and GMOs? Brett Wilcox offers five reasons.