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Sealaska bill takes what’s left of northern POW

CALDER1The opinions expressed in commentaries on Raven Radio are those of the author, and are not necessarily shared by the station's board, staff, or volunteers.

We, the residents of Point Baker and Port Protection are asking you to join our voices in opposition to the latest Sealaska Lands Bill, S. 340, introduced recently by Senator Murkowski.

Freda Aron 1915-2013: Thanks for the Memory

Freda_feaWhen we learned last week that Freda Aron was in hospice care, and then on Friday that she had died, the sorrow was short-lived. As regular listeners of "The Frankie and Freda Show" will recall, Freda was comfortable with her mortality, and -- while fully engaged with this life -- was more than just a little giddy about what awaited her in the next. She had two names on her dance card in heaven: her husband Richard Aron and Frank Sinatra. Only Freda knows who got the first dance!

STA candidate statement: Stephanie Edenshaw

staedenshaw 100My name is Stephanie Edenshaw. I am running for re-election on the Sitka Tribal Council because I believe I could make a difference. Sitka Tribe is in transition, and transition is not always easy. Change does not happen as fast as we would like it to.

STA candidate statement: Lillian Feldpausch

STALILLIAN 100Lingit x'einax jix' dul saan yóo xát duwasaakw. Dleit kaa x'einax Lillian Feldpausch yóo xát duwasáakw. Chaak naax xát sitee. Wooshkeetaan áyá xát. Kaach adi yadix xát sitee. My Lingit name is Jix' Dul Saan. My English name is Lillian Feldpausch. I belong to the eagle moiety. My mother's people are Shark/Wolf clan. My father's people are Kaach adi.

STA candidate statement: Michael Baines

Michael_Baines_smHello, my name is Michael Baines. I am running for election to the office of Tribal Chairman on the Sitka Tribal Council. I’d like to ask for your vote on Tuesday, November 13. I would also like to thank current chairman Lawrence “Woody” Widmark for twenty-four years of service to the Tribe.

STA candidate statement: Dale Williams

Williams_smMy name is Dale Spencer Williams, your candidate for Sitka Tribe of Alaska chairman. I am a Raven of the Taak Dein Taan’ clan, born and raised in Sitka by my grandparents Jimmy and Flora Williams. My grandfather Jimmy Williams was of the Kiksadi clan. I am a 1968 graduate of Sitka High School. I am very proud of my family.

Eliason: Thomas has power, experience needed in Juneau

Part of the hard cold facts of politics is if you aren’t in the majority party, you have very little chance of affecting policy or getting support for major capital projects.

Thomas: ‘I’ve delivered’ during 8 years in House

fea_thomas1In my eight years in the legislature, I’ve listened to what my constituents needed and I’ve delivered. There was and still is a great need for basic infrastructure throughout the district.

Commentary: Thomas too close to oil companies

McGowan_sm.jpgBill Thomas has been in the State House for years, representing Haines and other small communities. The redrawing of district boundaries means that Thomas will represent Sitka, if we voters send him back to the Legislature. I do not think we should do that.

Putz: Assembly a tall order, but ‘I am up for it’

Michelle Putz Sitka Assembly candidate headshot"I hope to help Sitka as an Assembly member through passion, experience and hard work. My passion is working with others and coming up with creative ideas and solutions to difficult problems. My greatest strength is strategizing solutions."