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This I Believe: Stitches of Confidence

LucyPoulson_thumbLucy Poulson believes in the power of knitting in "Stitches of Confidence." Students in Rebecca Himschoot's fifth-grade class wrote "This I Believe" essays over the winter. The assignment was based on NPR's well-known series of the same name by producer Jay Allison.

Opinion: Blame misplaced for crash of CG-6017

I must question why the Coast Guard will use all its considerable skill to castigate the crew of CG-6017 and single out the co-pilot, LT Leone, for blame. Maybe the answer can be provided by the Commandant, Admiral Robert Papp, who so desperately wants ‘accountability.’ Perhaps the answer can be provided by Admiral Ostebo who wants to give Admiral Papp what he wants – an aviator held accountable.

Rally to send message of hope, healing for DV victims

Kurzer_smHello, my name is Martina Kurzer from Sitkans Against Family Violence. The next time you are at the store, a restaurant, church, the post office or community event, take a moment and glance around. And then consider that 60 percent of Alaskan women have been physically assaulted or threatened by an intimate partner or sexually assaulted in their lifetime, according to a recent University of Alaska Anchorage Justice Center study.

With 22 days left, legislature focuses on energy

Peggy_smBy the time you read this report we’ll be entering the last 22 days of the session, during which we will be focusing on passage of the bills that we really feel are the most important. The House has passed the Operating Budget, which is our only constitutional duty. Now we’re waiting for the Senate to share the Capital Budget with us, so that we can carefully review and hopefully add to it before adjournment.

Peratrovich inspires student to fight discrimination

linda_schumann feaLinda Schumann is a senior at Mt. Edgecumbe High School. She'll be playing the part of Elizabeth Peratrovich during a skit today at ANB Hall. Feb. 16 is Elizabeth Peratrovich Day in Alaska, set aside to honor the Native civil rights leader.

Wilson on Heart Month, school voucher bill

Peggy_smOne of the bills that is generating a lot of public interest in the Education committee is House Bill 145, sponsored by Representative Wes Keller. HB145 is a school voucher bill that would allow state money to go to private schools, giving parents a choice. This is a strong movement across the nation right now, for many people feel that the public schools have failed. I’m concerned though, that it may be unconstitutional in Alaska to give state money to faith-based institutions.

Peggy’s Corner of the House: Jan 26, 2012

Peggy_smRep. Peggy Wilson will work to pass seven bills introduced in last year's session of the legislature, including her transportation infrastructure fund. Due to redistricting, this is Wilson's last year representing Sitka in House 2.

Our kids deserve a great playground

Commentary: Last Thursday (10-27-11) at Blatchley Middle School library Play by Design architect John Dean gathered a group of youngsters around a map of a playground that he drew up that day.

People should resist corporate influence

IMG_5174This is Freda Aron, and this is my opinion. Whatever happened to the America of the People , by the People, and for the People? Was it too long ago to matter anymore? I don’t think so. That was the basis for the birth of our great country. But these days do people without money have any say at all? And if they do say anything does anyone listen?

Corporations are not people

Many of us worry that the increased role of the world’s largest corporations, in our elections and legislation, has had an enormous, negative impact on our democracy and our economy. Commentary by Libby Stortz.