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Waldholz signs off: “I am just proud of this radio station”

10014056_10101188215832742_1652773386_oRachel Waldholz is the Reporter for Raven Radio - KCAW. And after two years and countless stories, today is her last day on the job. In September, Waldholz will join the APRN as a roving, state-wide reporter on energy issues in Alaska. Beginning Monday, August 31st, Melissa Marconi-Wenzel will return as Morning Edition Host. Former Winter Fellow Emily Kwong will be the interim reporter as Raven Radio seeks a permanent replacement. Downloadable audio.

Voices from the frontlines of Sitka’s landslide recovery effort

Recovery crews halt work while a trained cadaver dog scents the site where the body of 62-year-old William Stortz is thought to be located. A previous dog alerted at the location of the green stake in the center of the image. (KCAW photo, Robert Woolsey)Coordinators of Sitka's landslide response and relief effort gathered in the KCAW studios this morning (08-25-15), both to recount the events of the past week and relay immediate needs. Chief Dave Miller of the Sitka Fire Department was joined by Major Turnie Wright, the minister with the local Salvation Army post, and Samantha Cox, a moderator on the Facebook website Sitka Chatters. Downloadable audio.

Sitka Community Hospital is now tobacco-free

Doug Osborne, the Director of Health Promotion at Sitka Community Hospital, announces that the hospital is going tobacco-free today (08-24-15). Now, visitors are asked to smoke outside the property line. Downloadable audio.

Know an outstanding woman who deserves recognition?

a-little-bit-swirly-00000002-288x206Hilary Morgan, the CEO of YWCA Alaska, discusses YWCA Alaska/BP's annual award for women leaders. The Women of Achievement Awards is an annual evening soiree that honors ten Alaskan women who have demonstrated leadership and excellence in their professional life, and made contributions to their community. The deadline to nominate a woman of distinction is 5 p.m. today (08-21-15). Morgan also discusses the gender pay gap in Alaska. Downloadable audio.

Meet the new director of Sitka’s Electrical Department

Bryan J. Bertacchi is the new director of the Electrical Department for Sitka. Bertacchi arrived in Sitka last Tuesday (08-11-15) and got to work almost immediately, observing the clean-up of this week's diesel spill outside the Jarvis Street Power Plant and recovery work at the Kramer Avenue landslide. Bertacchi replaces Chris Brewton, who served as Director for six and a half years. Dale Groener stepped in as interim director. Bertacchi also reflects on Sitka's response to this week's landslides. Downloadable audio.

Artist dives into ocean ecology (and dances with sea lions)

ellieschmidtEllie Schmidt is a visual artist and one of the six Sitka Fellows in residence at the Island Institute this summer. She uses feminist ideas and a variety of media, from underwater photography and video mapping to ceramics, to tackle ecological issues, with special emphasis on living in an era of climate change. Tomorrow (08-20-15), Schmidt will lead an improvisational dance workshop called "How to Dance with Sea Lions." Downloadable audio.

Community training has a domestic violence focus

SAFVtrainingSitkans Against Family Violence will begin their free community training this Saturday, August 22. According to SAFV's Martina Kurzer, this year's training will include sessions on trauma and self-care, how domestic violence affects children, and legal advocacy. The annual training is open to Sitkans who want to become an ally for all those who suffer secretly from interpersonal violence. Downloadable audio.

Lynne Brandon: I’m a “die-hard recreation believer”

12198037After thirteen years as the City's Parks and Recreation Manager, Lynne Brandon will assume a new role as Executive Director of Sitka Trail Works next month. She will be taking over for longtime director Deborah Lyons. Brandon talked about her passion for recreation and creating accessible walking opportunities that provide benefit for the greatest number of Sitkans. Downloadable audio.

Fight or flight? “Stress Less” class will find its inner zebra

When threatened, zebras' fight-or-flight response kicks in quickly -- and kicks off just as quickly. (Flickr photo/.imelda)Stress in humans is similar to the fight-or-flight response in animals, like zebras. But, unlike zebras, we don't let it go. Doug Osborne, director of health promotion at Sitka Community Hospital, will be leading a 21-day "Stress Less" Challenge (4 Monday nights, beginning August 17) at the Hames Center, to help students understand stress and learn to reduce it. To learn more about the class, visit the Hames Center online. Downloadable audio.

Heckendorn: On branding a post-partisan Alaska

johnhenryheckendornJohn-Henry Heckendorn is a political thinker, manager of a communications consulting firm, and one of the six Sitka Fellows in residence at the Island Institute this summer. Through his work on political campaigns, he wants to shift Alaska’s place in the national conversation from the land of "reality TV, Sarah Palin style politics" to a post-partisan "role model for Washington D.C." He talks about the relationship between politics and sports, and what makes campaigns in the state of Alaska especially unique. Tomorrow (08-13-15), he will be leading a discussion about how voters relate to political advertising at 7 p.m. in Fraser Hall. Downloadable audio.