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New systems in Kettleson, Harrigan to reduce energy costs

Jon Heller, an engineer with Ecotope Inc. in Seattle, is helping the city design energy-efficient mechanical systems in the remodeled Kettleson Library and Harrigan Centennial Hall. With insulation, better lighting, heat recovery ventilation, and heat pumps, energy usage in the buildings will be about 2/3 less per square foot.

DDF practice meet works out the kinks

DDF (Drama, Debate, and Forensics) has one of the longest seasons in the school year. It all got started last weekend with a practice meet hosted by Sitka High. Sitka seniors Ceilia Lubin and Michael Boose, and MEHS junior Hayley Stumpf and sophomore Breezianne McClenahan, discuss some of their events. With SHS coach Stefanie Ask.

Improving mealtime experience for dementia sufferers

Lois Denherder, occupational therapist, and Fr. Michael Boyle, speech therapist, discuss how to make dining more enjoyable and successful for patients suffering from dementia. They'll present at a free Brave Heart caregiver's support luncheon at noon Wednesday, September 17, in the Pioneers Home Manager's House.

Vislay: Helping the Coast Guard help you

Air Station Sitka's commanding officer Mark Vislay says the number one safety tool for anyone heading out onto the water is communication. "We can't find you if no one knows you're missing," he says. A pilot, Vislay describes flying in Southeast Alaska compared to some of his other assignments.

SHS Football tackles Houston Wednesday

Thad White, defensive coordinator for SHS Football, along with Blayne Vilandre (Sr) and Tyler White (Fr), discuss the team's prospects against Houston this afternoon. Kickoff 3 PM, lower Moller Field.

African Children’s Choir: Raising voices, spirits, money for education

The African Children's Choir is part of a thirty-year effort to break the cycle of poverty in Africa. The 41st tour of the ACC is appearing in Sitka this weekend, 6:30 PM Sun Sep 14, Sitka Performing Arts Center. Advance tickets $15 at Old Harbor Books. The ACC will be joined by Sitka students in the Keet Gooshi Heen Choir. Heidi Mullin is the technical director.

Hames Center ‘Doc Talks’ take on Seasonal Affective Disorder

Dr. SR Thorward is a psychiatrist at SEARHC. He'll be kicking off the "Doc Talk" series at the Hames Center with a discussion of Seasonal Affective Disorder. 7 PM Wed Sep 10, free.

Sitka’s water: Smelly, temporary, safe

Sitka's environmental superintendent Mark Buggins says Sitka's water smells more strongly of chlorine -- because there's more chlorine in it. The temporary filtration plant at Indian River has much different disinfection requirements than Blue Lake, including higher chlorine. Disinfection standards are higher now than when the Indian River was last used as Sitka's water supply in 1984. The city should go back on Blue Lake water in mid-October.

Home-buyers class a first-step toward ownership in Sitka’s new land trust

Randy Hughey and Michael LaGuire are board members with the Sitka Community Development Corporation, which has established a community land trust. The first property in the trust will be available for sale sometime next year. Anyone interested in applying must first take a free Home Choice class from the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation, Sep 10 & 11, 6-10 PM. To register visit the AHFC online, or call 1-800-459-2921

Blue Lake generation outage: Out with the old, in with the new

Utility director Chris Brewton and Blue Lake expansion project manager Dean Orbison discuss the status of Sitka's current generation outage, as a penstock is installed at the new Blue Lake powerhouse. While Blue Lake hydro is down, the city is running on Green Lake hydro, plus a new Solar Titan diesel turbine -- one of the first permanent installations of this unit in Alaska.