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Patagonia chef adds twist to Sitka’s Fish-to-Schools

Patagonia corporate chef Tracy On knows that food for kids must be tasty, but she won't "dumb it down." Some ideas: Salmon mac & cheese, salmon corndogs.Tracy On is a chef at Patagonia Headquarters in Ventura, CA. She'll be in Sitka for two weeks working with the Sitka Conservation Society on their Fish to Schools Program. Downloadable audio.

Herring work group connects science and tradition

Herring_Working_GroupCo-chairs Tessa Francis and Phil Levin of the Ocean Modeling Forum, as well as Harvey Kitka, who serves on Sitka Tribe of Alaska's Herring Committee -- are all members of the Pacific Herring Working Group. The group is holding three days of meetings in Sitka this week. Downloadable audio.

A look inside the Port Alexander Museum

The PA Historical Society incorporated in 1994, but the project picked up speed a decade ago, when a donor offered Karl Hansen’s original house for a museum.Karen Lucas, President and Founder of the Port Alexander Historical Society, talks about the history of the island community, the museum, and new artifacts from Port Alexander's 1930s heyday. Downloadable audio.

A 20th-Century look at Sitka’s ‘Indian Village’

A view to the north of Sitka's 'Indian Village,' c. 1890. (Edward DeGroff photo, US Library of Congress)Clarence Antioquia is the former Alaska Area director of the Bureau of Indian Affairs. A 1958 graduate of Sitka High School, he's presenting at this year's Paths Across the Pacific conference on the subject of Sitka's Indian Village. Downloadable audio.

Author talks coastal discovery of the Americas

Hudson says that the surviving vessels of China's epic voyages 1421-1423 were left to "rot at their moorings," and their records destroyed.Ian Hudson is presenting at the 9th Annual Paths Across the Pacific Conference this week. Hudson studies ancient seafaring communities and global maritime history. Downloadable audio.

Poetry lovers gather for Rumi Fest

rumi-quote-6Auriella Hughes and Tom Crane organized a three-day festival devoted to the writing of Rumi, a 13th century mystic poet. "Sitka Rumi Fest" begins on Thursday (08-18-16). Downloadable audio.

A music festival that favors the rare, the fun, and the real

UncommonUncommon Music Festival co-founders Nate Barnett and Ariadne Lih, along with bass vocalist Andy Berry discuss the vision behind the Uncommon Music Festival this week. Downloadable audio.

Conference seeks connections across Pacific

Paths-plastic-toysThe 9th Paths Across the Pacific Conference begins this week in Sitka. Co-founders Nancy Yaw Davis and "Flotsametrics" author Curtis Ebbesmeyer review some of the programs on the conference calendar. Downloadable audio.

Path of Hope continues to inspire cancer survivors, families

Path_of_HopeFounding member Carolyn Fredrickson reminds us about the work of the Sitka Cancer Survivors Society. Fredrickson discusses the grant program and a memorial path behind Moller Field. Downloadable audio.

Boys Run needs coaches!

Crossing the line in the 2014 Boys Run final event. (SAFV photo/Anne Brice)Lauren Havens and Tristan Guevin are recruiting coaches for Boys Run I toowú klatseen, an after school program for boys in 3rd through 5th grade that teaches life skills through a culturally responsive curriculum that creatively integrates running. Downloadable audio.