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Endlich: ‘Hot Jupiters’ and other planetary phenomena

Solomon Endlich recently received his PhD in Physics from Columbia. He'd like to apply the "cathedral of mathematics" built for high-energy particle physics to planetary dynamics. He's currently a post-doctoral researcher in Switzerland, in residence this summer as a Sitka Fellow. Endlich and five other Fellows will present their work in an open studio, 7 PM Thu Aug 28 in the Yaw Art Building on the SJ Campus.

Huntly: Ecology where humans and the environment meet

Dr. Nancy Huntly is a terrestrial ecologist from the Utah State University in Logan, but she's no stranger to Alaska. She's spent considerable time researching mammal and plant communities on the Aleutian islands, and their relationship to human culture. Huntly is a Science in Residency Fellow at the Sitka Sound Science Center. She'll be speaking at UAS on Sep 3.

Seretan: Fellows program pushes young talent into a new context

Singer/songwriter Ben Seretan coordinates the Island Institute's Sitka Fellows Program, which provides studio space, meals, and time for artists/scholars under 30. He was a Fellow himself last year, and he'll release a dual LP album (and cassette tape) of his Sitka-influenced work this October 28. The Sitka Fellows Open Studio will be held 7 PM Thu Aug 28 in the Yaw Art Building.

Drawing with smoke, with Sitka Fellow Rachel Baxter

Sitka Fellow Rachel Baxter discusses her work as a multimedia artist and printmaker. Baxter will host a free experimental drawing workshop on Wednesday, August 20th, at 7:30p.m. The workshop will focus on fumage, the act of drawing with smoke.

Jones: Studying the trombone to spite his brother

2012 Sitka High grad George Jones is pursuing the study of trombone at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music. He'll perform a recital 7 PM this Thursday, August 21, at the Sitka Performing Arts Center. He started playing the trombone in Blatchley Middle School, because his brother was playing the instrument too.

‘Live Fit’ month builds good habits at an early age

Patrick Williams, injury prevention coordinator at Sitka Community Hospital, and Makai Saline discuss the importance of forming early exercise habits as part of "Live Fit" month this August. Saline swims and runs, both competitively and for fun. Only 11 years old, Saline won the under-18 division in the 1K Change Your Latitude Open Water Swim two weeks ago.

SEARCH drops facility fees, opens doors to all

Mt. Edgecumbe Hospital administrator Noel Rea discusses SEARHC's decision to drop facility fees, and to make healthcare services available to all in the community -- even without a referral. The hospital now offers tele-radiology on nights and weekends, a new mammography machine, and other services intended to keep SEARHC viable into the future. Rea also says that, contrary to urban myth, there is no danger of Mt. Edgecumbe Hospital closing.

MJ Robinson: Comics an ‘image-based way of thinking’

Artist and graphic novelist MJ Robinson is surprised by the diverse culture in Sitka. At Oberlin, MJ became frustrated with the limits of studio art and creative writing, and began to merge the two in an "image-based way of thinking." MJ will teach a free workshop on creative writing for all abilities in the Yaw Art Building (7:30 PM Wed Aug 12, free).

‘Boys Run’ hopes to emulate success of ‘Girls’

Elena Gustafson, with Sitkans Against Family Violence, talks about a new program for boys in grades through 3-5 called Boys Run. It's based on the successful national self-esteem and empowerment program for girls called Girls on the Run. Boys Run, however, will be built on traditional Southeast values.

Revamping the Crescent Harbor playground

Playground Steering Committee members Kay Turner and Robert Hattle detail the latest developments in the drive to upgrade the Crescent Harbor playground. Community members want to make the whole area more accessible and sustainable, a goal stemming from the … more