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Quilt auction Tuesday to raise money for scholarships

Jan Lovett and Annette Blankenship of Ocean Wave Quilters’ Guild preview their 16th annual scholarship auction. The guild will give two scholarships this year to graduating seniors from Sitka High School and Mount Edgecumbe High School, and will also donate money to the Sitka Fine Arts Camp scholarship fund. more

Sitka youth need foster parents

Youth Advocates of Sitka are looking for more families to volunteer for their therapeutic foster care program. Executive Director Annette Becker and Program Coordinator Jessica Clarke discuss the details. more

Herring Festival coming!

Jessica Gill, with the Sitka Tribe of Alaska, and Jeff Budd, with the Greater Sitka Arts Council, outline plans for Sitka’s first-ever Herring Festival, March 23 – April 25. more

USCG dockside exams offer “second set of eyes”

Steve Ramp, of the U.S. Coast Guard, discusses the free dockside exam program for commercial fishing vessels. The voluntary program gives fishermen a “second set of eyes” to look over their equipment and verify it meets federal requirements. more

Healthcare deadline fast approaching; Andrea Thomas offers help

SEARHC outreach and enrollment manager Andrea Thomas shares tips for healthcare enrollment in advance of the Affordable Care Act mandated deadline, March 31. more

Brenda Campen: The fight for civil rights in Alaska

Brenda Campen talks about the effort to end legal discrimination against Alaska Natives, a story told in the 2009 film “For the Rights of All.” Campen wrote the film’s viewers’ guide, which has just been released. more

Michaels: Dance calling ‘is my calling’

Susan Michaels is the artist-in-residence at Keet Gooshi Heen elementary school. She’s been teaching students traditional American country dancing. Her work culminates this Friday with a live barn dance for the students and general public (6:30 PM Fri Feb 14, Keet Gooshi Heen, no charge) with Sitka’s contra band Fishing for Cats. Michaels hails from Los Angeles, where she’s been calling dances for 30 years. more

Banff Mt. World Tour combines joy, inspiration, pain

Holly Elliot, with the Banff Mt. Film Festival, and Cindy Edwards, with the Hames Center, talk about tonight’s Banff Mt. Film Festival World Tour (7PM Tue Feb 11, Sitka Performing Arts Center, $15/$10 Old Harbor Books and the Hames Center). Elliot has been with the festival for 16 years — it’s most senior “road warrior.” She says the films are selected from over three hundred submitted to the festival. more

Artigras is coming!

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Jeff Budd, with the Greater Sitka Arts Council, discusses the Sitka Artigras Festival coming this March. For complete information, visit Sitka Artigras online.more

Carmen Bradford: How I hung up on Count Basie

Carmen_Bradford_80Sitka Jazz Fest headliner Carmen Bradford has an unmatched musical pedigree, and a lot of nerve. As a 22-year-old, she once opened for the Count Basie Orchestra. Seeing the Count himself waiting in the wings, Bradford approached him and asked him for a job. When he called nine months later, she thought it was a prank and hung up on him! more