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UPDATE: Shellfish advisory continues for Starrigavan Beach

The STA Environmental Research Lab believes that the toxins detected in butter clams at Starrigavan this week may be residual from last summer. A new bloom of alexandrium, which produces the Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning toxin, was recently observed in the area. (Flickr photo/Walter Lin)The STA Environmental Research Lab continues to report unsafe levels of biotoxins in shellfish samples collected at Starrigavan Beach in Sitka.

2015 Permanent Fund dividend tops $2K

piggy-bankAlaska Gov. Bill Walker announced the amount of this year’s Permanent Fund Dividend this morning (9-21-15) -- $2,072. The dividend will be distributed to eligible Alaskans beginning on October 1.

Evacuation order lifted for So. Kramer Avenue

As of 5:30 PM Thursday (8-20-15) Sitka authorities have lifted the evacuation order for residents of Kramer Avenue south of Jacob Circle. An evacuation order remains in place for residents of Kramer Avenue north of Jacob Circle, and for residents of Jacob Circle itself.

Evacuation order lifted for Sand Dollar, Whale Watch drives

The evacuation order has been lifted for residents of Sand Dollar and Whale Watch drives -- but not for Kramer Avenue or Jacobs Circle. Active debris removal is now underway in the slide zone.

Landslide update from the City of Sitka

Emergency response crews plan to continue search and recovery operations at the site of the Kramer Avenue landslide today, once it’s determined that the area is safe enough for workers and equipment.

Assembly meets in new temporary home at UAS, livestream available

Raven News will broadcast the meeting live, as usual. There is also a livestream available on the city website.

Passengers survive, pilot dies in Juneau to Hoonah plane crash

Wings of Alaska flight 202 from Juneau to Hoonah has crashed on land, according to a 3 p.m. Coast Guard broadcast. The plane is reported to have gone down somewhere between Point Howard and point Couverden. (Image from Google maps)A Wings of Alaska flight from Juneau to Hoonah went down on land just north of Pt. Howard, with five people on board.

Possible wounded bear in Starrigavan Valley

Sitka police are warning the public about a possible wounded bear in the Starrigavan area. A Sitka man reported that a bear had chased his dog near the boardwalk, and then charged him. He fired a handgun at it.

Nobody injured in Sawmill Creek Road blaze

The Sitka Fire Department responded Tuesday afternoon (5-5-15) to a blaze at a house on Sawmill Creek Road. Fire Chief Dave Miller said the fire damaged about a third of the home’s upper story. Nobody was injured. Even the family dog survived.

Sitka Assembly chooses smaller electric rate increase

Sitka’s electric rates are going up, but not as much as they might have. The Sitka Assembly on Monday chose the smaller of two potential rate hikes, by a vote of 4 to 3. A household using about 1000 kilowatt-hours of electricity each month will see their electric bill go up by about $8 a month.