Secretary’s denial could end CG crash survivor’s career


Lt. Lance Leone was one of four people aboard an Air Station Sitka helicopter when it crashed off the coast of Washington state in 2010. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano signed an order last week removing him from the list of officers scheduled for promotion. more

Leone, Part 3: ‘Come back right now’

Team of Leone Lawyers at the seen of the accident-2

This third and final part of our interview with Lt. Lance Leone begins in a Seattle hospital, where he was recovering from a broken collarbone and other injuries in the days after the crash. more

Leone, Part Two: ‘A rapid, liquid stop’

6017 helo crash

In the second of three parts, Lt. Lance Leone talks about the crash of Coast Guard helicopter 6017, from the moment it hit the water to his family’s arrival at his hospital bed in Seattle. more

Leone: CG 6017 ‘hit something we never saw’

Leone with Wire Ball -1

In his first interview since the 2010 crash of CG6017, Lt. Lance Leone describes the morning of the flight, and the events leading up to the accident. more

Monday: Leone talks about CG6017 crash and aftermath

Leone with Wire Ball -1

Lt. Lance Leone was the only one of a four-person crew from Air Station Sitka to make it through the crash, which happened off the coast of La Push, Wash., in July 2010. In an interview with KCAW, Leone talks about the accident, its immediate aftermath, and how it’s shaped his life and career since. more

Protestors on hand as CG admiral arrives in Sitka


The group of 10 or so people held signs in the lobby of Sitka’s Rocky Gutierrez Airport. One had the name Ostebo on it, crossed out with a circle and slash. Another said “We support the USCG unlike you.” more

USCG admonishes Sitka aviator in 2010 crash


Lt. Lance Leone met Sunday with Coast Guard Rear Adm. Thomas Ostebo to review a final report on the crash. Ostebo also entered remarks into Leone’s personnel file that could mean an uncertain future for the aviator’s military career. more

U.S. Coast Guard to drop charges against Leone


The Sitka-based Coast Guard aviator was facing charges of negligent homicide and destruction of government property in connection with a 2010 helicopter crash. He also faced charges of dereliction of duty. more

Leone’s attorney takes issue with admiral’s radio comments

radm thomas ostebo fea4

Lt. Lance Leone’s attorney says comments Rear Adm. Thomas Ostebo made on a Juneau radio station compromise his ability to be fair in the Coast Guard’s case against his client. Ostebo appeared on KJNO’s Action Line program on Feb. 10. more

USCG investigator recommends dropping charges against Leone


An investigating officer has recommended dropping the charges against the sole survivor of a 2010 Coast Guard helicopter crash that killed three crewmen from Air Station Sitka. more