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New Hoonah dock could boost tourism numbers

This image from the 2012 Hoonah Berthing Facility Site Alternative Analysis Report shows three possible dock locations. (Courtesy PND Engineers)Hoonah’s Icy Strait Point tourist attraction could see more visitors once a new cruise ship dock is built.

Lost Christmas-tree hunter found after intensive search

The Indian River Valley. Cpl. Ewers says that it's easy to get turned around in these woods, "especially after the lights go out." (Flickr photo/ablong3)A Sitka man is safe after losing his way during a family Christmas-tree hunt over the weekend. Searchers located Geoff Diehl at about 10:15 PM Sunday evening (12-7-14) on the Indian River Trail near Sitka. His tree, however, remains missing.

Weekend meth bust unrelated to drug seizure, crime spree

Sitka police made another drug arrest over the weekend, but it is unrelated to last week’s major seizure of methamphetamine. Sitka police Lt. Jeff Ankerfelt says the arrest of 29-year-old Lucas Rouner at the International Hostel Sunday morning (12-7-14) is unconnected to last week’s seizure of $50,000-worth of methamphetamine.

Police intercept $50K package of crystal meth

Police believe they've taken a step toward curbing Sitka’s drug trade. In a press release Friday, the department announced the arrest of a 36-year-old Sitka man on suspicion of dealing methamphetamine.

Sitka Sound Slayers: A women’s movement on wheels

Slayers L to R: Sarah Ferrency, founding member Jennifer Olney Miller, and league president Cori Schumejda. Derby revived in 2001 as a sport owned and operated by women. (Photos courtesy of Sitka Sound Slayers)The sport of flat track roller derby is booming in Alaska. The Sitka Sound Slayers got rolling two years ago and boast 29 members on their roster. But how did this former spectacle turn into a bonafide sport?

Hoonah Sound herring-spawn fishery to close for a second year

Herring roe-on-kelp is called Kazunoko Kombu in sushi restaurants. (Flickr photo/Vincent Ma)The herring spawn-on-kelp fishery in Hoonah Sound will remain closed in the 2015 season -- for the second year in a row. The Alaska Department of Fish & Game announced the closure this week (12-2-14) after forecasts for the area predicted herring numbers far below the threshold required for commercial harvest.

Nine months in, Orthodox Bishop takes stock

141123_BishopDavid1_waldholzBishop David said he'd like to see the Orthodox Church play a larger role in dealing with the state’s high rates of suicide, alcoholism and domestic violence.

At 81, STA’s elder of the year is busy as ever

Herman Davis, 81, joined the Marine Corps at the age of 23 and served from 1956 to 1960, working on jet planes. He was stationed briefly in Japan, before returning to Sitka for good. (Emily Kwong/KCAW photo)This year (2014), the Sitka Tribe of Alaska named Herman Davis the “Tribal Elder of the Year.” At 81, Davis blend of humor and humility has earned the respect of many.

One fishing vessel safe, another aground in weekend mishaps

The Northern Exposure went adrift in Peril Straits. The Coast Guard says no one was aboard at the time. (USCG photo)A troller is safely moored in Sitka after receiving assistance from a good Samaritan vessel and the Coast Guard over the weekend. Another boat’s future is uncertain, as it remains grounded on a rocky beach in Peril Strait.

Sitka hospital aims to become regional health care hub

Jeff Comer says of the Affordable Care Act:  "Whether you agree with it or not, it will help our hospital." (KCAW Photo/Rachel Waldholz)Sitka’s new hospital CEO is thinking big -- really big. In remarks to the Sitka Chamber of Commerce last week, Jeff Comer said he’s developing a strategy to expand Sitka Community Hospital into a regional health care provider.