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Notes from the Landslide: One Year Later

2016-08-18-40Today (08-16-16) is the one-year-anniversary of the August 18th landslide in Sitka. In the week that followed, many in Sitka volunteered food, shelter, and sweat to the recovery effort. And amid these gestures of aid, one of the most healing agents was words.

Most incumbents do well in Southeast primaries

I voted stickerTuesday’s primary election was pretty low-key in Southeast Alaska. The real battle for state House and Senate candidates will come during the general election. But a few trends emerged.

Living in the shadow of the landslide

IMG_8675The landslide that struck Sitka in August of last year was not the worst disaster to befall a community, but the impacts still echo. Kramer Avenue is less than a mile from downtown. Here's the experience of property owners who live beneath the slide.

Flotsam and Fliegenklatsche: Sitka a beachcomber’s paradise

Flotsametrics_IMG_1706During a 1-hour call-in show Tuesday (8-16-16) oceanographer Curtis Ebbesmeyer explained the origins of floating ocean debris -- everything from US Naval sonobuoys to dangerous Fliegenklatsche (aka fly swatters!). With Sitka ultra-combers Tyler and Dean Orbison.

Paxton withdraws from Sitka’s Mayoral race

Gary Paxton has withdrawn from the race for Mayor. He notified municipal clerk Sara Peterson of his decision on Monday (08-15-16).

Few ballots cast for primary election

IMG_8664Voter turnout for the primary election was low yesterday (08-17-16), as Sitkans chose their party candidates for the U.S. Senate, House, and Alaska state legislature.

A city responds to a landslide: ‘It was a loss of innocence’

2016-08-15-020For much of Sitka, the August 18, 2015 landslide was a wake-up call that even the most settled parts of Alaska remain dynamic -- and sometimes dangerous -- places. Local leadership found itself in an unprecedented situation.

Corrosion found on Blue Lake turbines

02-IMG_9093-500x333The Sitka Electric Department has discovered corrosion in the three new blue lake turbines.

A weather forecaster returns to Sitka’s slide: ‘We were snakebit’

National Weather Service Meteorologist Joel Curtis (left) speaking with reporters in the aftermath of the 2015 slide, along with DOT geologist Mitch McDonald and Deputy Fire Chief Al Stevens (right). Curtis served as the incident meteorologist for the recovery effort. He describes it as one of the "major events" of his three-decade career.  (Robert Woolsey, KCAW)In part 1 of a 5-part series looking back on the Sitka landslide, National Weather Service meteorologist Joel Curtis returns to the scene of “one of the major events” of his professional life.

Who is on Tuesday’s Southeast primary ballots?

Southeast Alaska's House districts are 33, 34, 35 and 36. The Senate districts, which each include two House districts, are Q and R. (Map courtesy Alaska Redistricting Board)Southeast Alaska's four House and two Senate districts have no primary contests this year. Two have no contests at all.