Mallott to Council: Win-or-lose decisions ‘build the worst society’

Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott speaks to the NPFMC on Wednesday in Sitka. Mallott told council members to "try to find ways to reach common ground -- or water." (State of Alaska photo/Barbara Blake)Lt. Governor Byron Mallott urged unity at one of the most polarized meetings of the North Pacific Fishery Management Council in recent memory.

Two injured as lodge’s deck collapses during group photo

The collapsed deck on Halibut Pt. Road. Building official William Stortz confirms that it was a failure of wood rather than hardware. (KCAW photo)Several people suffered minor injuries after a deck collapsed at a charter lodge in Sitka Wednesday evening (6-3-15). At least 12 people were on the deck, posing for a photo, when it fell.

Former Coast Guard commander to head cruise group

Rear Adm. Thomas Ostebo, Coast Guard District 17 commander, speaks to KJNO radio station listeners during a live interview Feb. 10, 2012. (USCG photo/Petty Officer 3rd Class Grant DeVuyst)Former Alaska Coast Guard Commander Thomas Ostebo takes over July 6 as CEO of the Cruise Lines International Association. He'll advocate for an industry he once regulated.

Council seeks to reduce veto threat over MSA

veto_illustrationPresident Obama is not the only one concerned with the latest version of the Magnuson Stevens Act (MSA). The North Pacific Fishery Management Council will likely recommend major changes.

North Pacific Council meets in Sitka

Fishermen, scientists, and seafood industry representatives from around Alaska -- and the country -- are in Sitka this week for the meeting of the North Pacific Fishery Management Council. The Council regulates all federal fisheries off Alaska, including pollock, cod and flatfish.

State, Smithsonian field test deadly D.vex ‘motel’

Ian Davidson, from the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, explains how the canvas enclosure will kill D.vex. The eradication testing is being led by the ADF&G biologist Tammy Davis. Tim Sundlov is coordinating the participation of the Bureau of Land Management, which controls the intertidal areas. Other members of the Smithsonian team diving in Sitka are Michelle Marraffini and Greg Ruiz.A multi-agency effort is underway in Sitka to eradicate an invasive sea organism, D.vex,, before it can spread to other parts of the Alaskan coast.

Two more Sitkans charged with meth trafficking

A Sitka grand jury last Friday (5-29-15) indicted 41-year old Jessica Manzanares and 58-year old Abelardo Espeleta on several felony counts of trafficking in methamphetamine.

Leaders hold on in Sitka’s ‘richest’ salmon derby

DERBYWINNERSRAWIn spite of great weather and fine fishing, no one was able to top the leader in the second weekend of Sitka’s Salmon Derby. Bert Edenso’s 42.6 pound king remained in first place, winning him $7,500.

North Pacific Council to vote on halibut bycatch limits

Fishermen offload commercially-caught halibut in Juneau. (Flickr photo/Gillphoto)Of the thirty million pounds of halibut caught last year by commercial fishermen statewide, nearly a third was thrown back into the ocean, dead. It was netted accidentally by boats targeting other fish - especially trawlers in the Bering Sea. Now, that may change.

With taxes on the agenda, Assembly meeting heats up

Taxes have dominated the conversation at the Sitka Assembly in recent months. (Photo courtesy of PixabyTaxes have dominated the conversation at the Sitka Assembly recently, as the city struggles to come up with an additional million dollars for schools. This week’s meeting erupted into a heated debate over the issue -- but there were also hints of some long-term solutions.