Postcard: Anthropology students explore Sitka’s culture of fish

USF Anthropology student Elizabeth Arnold scoops a load of pink salmon at the Sheldon Jackson Hatchery. (KCAW photo/Rich McClear)There are two things that Sitka has a lot of in the summertime: fish and students. Recently, an Anthropology class from the University of San Francisco mixed it up with salmon at Sitka's downtown hatchery.

Assembly wrap: How much debt can Sitka bear?

How much debt can a community of 9,000 people bear? The assembly this week (8-11-15) spent some time on this issue, dissolved the hospital board, and listened to citizen concerns about the future of visitor marketing.

Sitka assembly says no to non-profit sales taxes

A proposal to tax some fundraising activities of Sitka’s non-profits was voted down by the assembly Tuesday night (8-11-15). But the city will be looking for ways to shore up compliance for non-profits who should be paying taxes -- but don’t.

With interest in water on the rise, Sitka looks to expand industrial park

Although the entire park is just over 71 acres, there are less than 10 acres remaining in the so-called "core area."There will be no bulk water shipments from Sitka this summer. The company that owns the rights to market Sitka’s Blue Lake water will likely ask to extend its deadline. Meanwhile, Sitka is fielding inquiries from other companies interested in bottling Blue Lake water, but the city is running out of land at its industrial park and is looking to expand.

Postcard: SeafoodFest about more than fish

The Caber Toss may have a picturesque name, but the event is still mostly about picking up something heavy and throwing it. (KCAW photo/Robert Woolsey)Despite its name, Sitka’s 6th Annual Seafood Festival was not all about fish. The third-and-final day of the festival was held outdoors on the Sheldon Jackson Fine Arts Campus, and featured tote races, fish head bobbing, sumo wrestling, and yes -- Highland Games. But for many, it was simply a nice way to spend an afternoon in the sun.

Damaged hull forces ferry Aurora out of service

The ferry Aurora docks in Gustavus in 2010. It's now in Ketchikan for hull repairs and its annual overhaul. (Photo courtesy Alaska Department of Transportation)The ferry Aurora is in the shipyard a week earlier than scheduled after a crack was found in its hull.

Two Sitkans earn prison time for drug, theft convictions

37-year-old Pierre Pagtakhan was sentenced last week in Sitka Superior Court to 5 years, with 2 suspended, for attempted trafficking in meth. In an unrelated matter, 57-year-old James R. Land will serve 2 years for theft.

Unified voice needed for federal response to B.C. mines

8-6-15 meeting signLt. Gov. Byron Mallott says the state will share its knowledge and ask for input on Canadian mines near rivers that flow into Alaska.

Slideshow: Kilts, sun, and fishy fun at Sitka’s Seafood Festival

Esther Burdick comes up empty in the Bobbing-for-Fish Heads event. She would eventually land her humpy. (KCAW photo/Robert Woolsey).What has sunshine, music, tartan plaid, and a lot of guys and gals tossing heavy objects about? Sitka's 6th Annual Seafood Festival.

Robinson moves from write-in to ballot

JenIt’s now a five-way race for Sitka School Board. Two seats are open in this October's municipal election. Incumbent Jennifer Robinson faces challenges from three newcomers.