“Slave auction” name eliminated amid NAACP criticism

IMG_4520The Anchorage chapter of the NAACP called attention to an evening event called the “slave auction” - condemning it as insensitive to the African American community of Alaska. Hosted by a local bar, organizers defended the auction, but agreed to change the name.

Alaska Day Parade 2015

IMG_4354From tots to tourists, everyone enjoyed themselves at the Alaska Day festivities and parade on Sunday.

Listen: Pipes and Drums for Alaska Day

IMG_4080Yesterday (10-16-15), thirteen members from the band touched down and treated spectators at the Cable House to a show, kilts and all. Listen to clips of their performance here.

Exploring the ‘sublethal’ effects of oil spills and their aftermath

Crews spray dispersant at Big Smith Island, following the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill. Researchers now have the genetic tools to determine the impact of this work on the long-term sustainability of some animal populations. (Flickr photo/Jim Brickett)How do we account for the animals affected by oil spills which don’t immediately die? Recently, a team from the Mote Marine Laboratory was in Sitka to study this very problem.

Sitka businessman weighs in on proposed marijuana regulations

509362492_c0c2eedc56_zThe clock is ticking on cannabis policy in Alaska. By November 24th, the Marijuana Control Board will finalize statewide regulations for the marijuana industry -- and now is the time for the public to weigh in on the fine print.

Reduced summer ferry schedule concerns Assembly

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 9.08.37 PMBeyond wrapping up the municipal election, the Assembly’s meeting on Tuesday (10-13-15) night was light on local business. There was however, plenty to discuss about the state - from reduced ferry service to funding prospects.

Beards, bonnets big part of Alaska Day

IMG_4023The Alaska Day Festival is in full swing in Sitka -- with historical shindigs, costume balls and a beard and bonnet contest.

The Russians are coming — or not!

Does Sitka's situation sound familiar? Then you're probably a fan of the 1966 film "The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!" which featured Alan Arkin in his first role.A huge performance ensemble from Moscow is traveling to Sitka this week for the Alaska Day Festival -- or not.

Assembly passes the baton; pins hopes on Citizens’ Task Force

IMG_1934On the heels of the municipal election, Tuesday night’s Assembly meeting (10-13-15) saw a changing of the guard. Matthew Hunter was returned to his seat for another three year term, while Bob Potrzuski was sworn in to replace Michelle Putz.

Bears still about

sibling 3 yr olds at hatchery_3015PM (1)The Department of Fish and Game is urging Sitkans to remain vigilant about bears.