Temporary outage for online stream and translator broadcast

pleasestandby_webBecause of an outage with ACS, Raven Radio's online stream and broadcast to our translator communities is temporarily down. ACS has estimated that the problem will be resolved around 7 pm tonight (7-15-16). Thank you for your patience.

Signal to translator communities and online stream down until GCI maintenance is complete


Due to the internet outages experienced in Sitka, the Raven Radio signal will most likely be down for our translator communities, as well as our online stream over the next few days. Once the internet is back up and running … more

Pelican is back on the air!

The signal is Pelican is back on the air after a corroded cable had caused disruption to the satellite receiving device. A huge thank you to Allen Stewart who helped our engineers troubleshoot from afar, and installed the new cable.

Yakutat off the air

pleasestandby_webYakutat is temporarily off the air. We've got our engineers looking into the problem, and we hope to have things back up and running shortly. Thank you so much for your patience, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Translator signal now stable!

on_the_airOver the last couple of days, our translator communities have had intermittent signal outages. With help from our engineers, we've located the problem and it should be up through the night, but possibly intermittent! Tomorrow engineers will swap out another piece of equipment. That will take the signal off the air for 1/2 hour or so, but should fix this issue for good. Thanks so much for your patience, and a big thank you to everyone who called in and let us know when problems arose!

Signal problems in Kake

pleasestandby_webKake's signal is sporadic. Engineers are aware of the issue and are working with local volunteers to fix the problem. You can stream the signal using the link to the right on this page.

Raven Radio is back up and running!

Photo (23)Raven Radio experienced some technical difficulties this afternoon, and was temporarily off the air. We are were able to troubleshoot the problem, thanks to the help of Coast Alaska Engineer, Rich Parker, and we're back up and running. Thanks so much for your patience, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

Yakutat back on the air

on_the_airAfter being off the air for three days, Raven Radio can now be heard in Yakutat once again. With help from Coast Alaska Engineers, Yakutat local, Kris Widdows identified the severed cable and along with another dedicated volunteer, replaced the conduit and got things back up and running! Thanks for your patience while we got this fixed, and a big thanks to the volunteers who made it happen!

Still testing website

pleasestandby_webThis website will be undergoing some testing through this afternoon. You may see some elements mis-sized or mis-shaped during this process. We'll remove this post when all is done.

Tenakee back on!

The broadcast signal in Tenakee has has been repaired thanks to the hard work on on site volunteer Gordon Chew. Thanks Gordon!… more