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DNA research transforms deer pellets into ‘libraries’

fecal pellets_250Biologists Todd Brinkman and Jon Martin believe that innovative DNA studies of deer pellets, combined with social research about hunting, can paint a more detailed portrait about our relationship to the environment, and can help shape forest management practices in the future.  Subscribe in a reader

Artist pursues identity, sustainability in hunt for sea otters

PeterWilliams_smSitkan Peter Williams is an artist who makes a variety of garments and craft objects from the hides and fur of seals and sea otters -- marine mammals that he hunts himself. But Williams did not grow up hunting. He discovered it as an adult, and discovered himself as he learned how to hunt. In order for Williams to expand his business and career, he’d like to sell work outside the state. In fact, he’d like to enter the fur trade on the Eastern seaboard.  Subscribe in a reader

Revitalize Sitka mixes community and commerce

Open_smImprovements to downtown Sitka have been discussed before, usually in the context of cruise ship tourism. But cruise tourism has been on a ten-year decline in Sitka, and the conversation about downtown revitalization this time may have more to do with community than commerce. Retailer Melissa Danville and landscape architect Monique Anderson are both involved in Revitalize Sitka.  Subscribe in a reader

Kreiss-Tomkins: From campus to state house

Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins was elected to the Alaska Legislature in November though the election wasn’t settled finally until early December. Since then, the 23-year old has been working to build the relationships he’ll need to represent the new district, both as a freshman legislator, and as a member of the Democratic minority. Every politician has a first day in office; for Kreiss-Tomkins, it's also the first day of his professional career.  Subscribe in a reader

As the Gurdy Turns

Ron Rau has been trolling in Southeast Alaska for thirty-five years. He started in a sixteen-foot skiff near Wrangell, when literally anyone could become a hand-troller for the price of a $50-permit. Over the course of his fishing career, Rau often published articles in the Alaska Fisherman’s Journal. He’s now collected those essays in a new book called As the Gurdy Turns.  Subscribe in a reader

What do you think about downtown revitalization?

KCAW soundcheck square_mdComing this January on SoundCheck, Raven Radio's new public affairs podcast, we'll examine the progress, goals, and vision of the Downtown Revitalization Workgroup. You can participate in the program by recording your ideas or questions below. What kind of changes do you think would improve downtown? Is change necessary?What does downtown revitalization mean to you?

Sitka’s un-bearable problem?

Bear_waiting_smIs Sitka’s bear problem more about animal control, or social engineering? Sitka’s Assembly seems likely to eliminate warnings, and increase fines, for residents who leave attractive garbage in their cans before pick up day. The move is no surprise for the members of the community’s Bear Task Force, which sees tighter enforcement as a necessary step – along with awareness and education – on the road to solving the problem. Hosted by KCAW's Robert Woolsey.

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The life and times of basketball legend Herb Didrickson

HERBGOLDMEDALHerb Didrickson is a lifelong Sitka resident, regarded by many as one of the greatest basketball players ever produced in Alaska. His friend, Gil Truitt, has nominated Didrickson for the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame – for the third time. Truitt, and former Division I player and veteran college coach John Abell make the case for Didrickson’s selection. Hosted by KCAW’s Robert Woolsey.

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Raven’s ‘SoundCheck’ debuts on Friday


Raven Radio is developing a new public affairs program — our first in several years! SoundCheck is about issues, ideas, and people in and around Sitka. The show will combine the best aspects of on-air journalism (tough issues, thoughtful conversation) … more