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Warren Christianson Interviews

christianson_w_04This week From the Vault presents two interviews from 1996 and 1997 with longtime Sitkan Warren Christianson who built a 46 foot schooner in Ohio and sailed it from there to Sitka. Really. The first interview is about his early life and military service and the second focuses on his sailboat odyssey that began on Big Walnut Creek, Ohio and ended in Sitka. You can hear the programs below, or listen Sunday Morning at 11am.

From the Vault: Trolling, bluegrass & a pie in the face

Slide336If you missed it on air, you can listen to "From the Vault" online now. We've posted an interview with Sitka troller Hap Saviko on a 1991 edition of Fin & Feather. You can also hear a collage of radio production from former KCAW staff members Jake Schumacher and Leandra (Mary) Baker. Plus there is a 1980's interview with Dan Keck of the Sitka Bluegrass Band.