Station Highlights

Studio Xeno’s New Light!

150202_xenolight_01Since Studio Xeno was added to the downstairs of the Cable House, the plan has been to put in an "On Air" light to indicate when someone was recording inside. We're excited to say our light is now in place above the door to the studio!

Morning host Melissa Marconi-Wentzel signs off

Marconi-Wentzel has been hosting Morning Edition on and off since 2004. On her last day, she said, "I hope to be back some day. Raven Radio and all of the listening communities will never be far from my thoughts." (Rachel Waldholz/KCAW photo)Thousands of KCAW listeners across the region -- from Yakutat to Port Alexander -- have awoken to the voice of Melissa Marconi-Wentzel saying, "Good Morning. You are listening to Morning Edition." But how much do you know about the person behind the voice?

Former KCAW fellow documenting 100 stories of gun violence in Milwaukee

1-Laylah-compositeThe former Winter Fellow has taken on an ambitious new project. Emily Forman is the Senior Producer of the Precious Lives Project, led by 371 Productions, to produced 100 episodes and a community engagement campaign about gun violence.

There’s Magic in the air at Raven Radio!

NPR adjusts Morning Edition and All Things Considered


Did you know that every public radio program has a clock? Broadcast clocks are set templates that stations like ours use to track the timing of a show’s stories and interviews, newscasts, and funding credits each day. Beginning on Monday, … more

Raven Radio board nominations open

Raven Radio is  accepting nominations for four seats on the board of directors. Nominees must be current voting  members of Raven Radio Foundation and have until 5pm on Tuesday, November 18th to submit a short candidate statement to … more

Keep on buzzin’

KCAW summer news intern Greta "Buzzsaw" Mart hard at work on her last day. (KCAW photo/Robert Woolsey)This week KCAW says goodbye to Greta Mart, our 2014 summer news intern, Greta Mart. Greta worked for 8 years as a professional print reporter in the Bay Area before applying to the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism and making the leap into broadcasting. Greta filed stories for the KCAW News Department on her first AND last days of work (and many in between). A letter-writer to her newspaper in Martinez, CA, once wrote that "Greta covers the county like a buzzsaw." We made that nickname stick: Thanks for the hard work, Buzz! Good luck in your career, whether it leads you back to the Bay, or to Infinity and Beyond!

The board paints the boards!

IMG_0807Board members Ted Howard, Perry Edwards and Roby Littlefield pitch in to paint the back porch of the Cable House. Despite offering passerby the opportunity to paint with us for the small fee of $5 - nobody did!

Familiar voices!

Raven Staff 2014 SummerRaven Radio staff gather during this year's Solstice Cruise. From left to right: Office Volunteer Megan Pasternak, General Manager Ken Fate, Morning Edition Host Melissa Marconi Wentzel, Summer Intern Greta Mart, Development Director Amy Kramer Johnson, News Director Robert Woolsey, CoastAlaska Executive Director Mollie Kabler, News Reporter Rachel Waldholz, Program Director Rebecca LaGuire

KCAW’s summer news intern settles in!

140604_GretaMeet Greta Mart, KCAW's summer news intern from the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism! Greta is thrilled to be back in Alaska for another summer of learning and nature loving. Exactly 20 years ago, as an undergraduate at the University of Massachusetts at Boston, Greta interned for a summer with Alaska State Parks.