Station Highlights

The Coast Guard Unit You May Not Know About on: The Speaking Tube

Speakingtube_012114The Marine Safety Unit is the only Coast Guard unit not located on Japonski Island. Just a few Coast Guard men and women call this unit home, and we get to know one of them. Listen to Speaking Tube with guest host Jen Everly. Marine Science Technician, 1st Class as she plays us her favorite songs.

Take an 80s Journey to End 2013

speakingtube_123113How did Speaking Tube end 2013? With a rad playlist of 80s music. Listen to the show as AMT2 Ripley of USCG Air Station Sitka takes us on a "journey" through the 80s. By the way, he has awesome hair.

Ode to a lost newsman

mattlichtenstein_300This week (12-31-13) radio stations in Southeast Alaska say goodbye to a longtime friend and colleague, Matt Lichtenstein. Lichtenstein is the most senior reporter in CoastAlaska, and our regional expert on fisheries. He’s been at KFSK in Petersburg for 18 years, but on Tuesday he hung up his microphone and tape recorder and picked up his Grundens to join the SE commercial fishing fleet full time as a power troller. Be sure to listen to him sing “Ode to a Lost Cannonball.”

‘Twas the News before Christmas

Speedo_Santas-1 You hear them every single weeknight of the year, on Alaska News Nightly, bringing you the events of the day from our huge state. But how well do you really know them? This is Clement Clark Moore’s holiday classic, The Night Before Christmas -- from some of the most familiar voices on our airwaves.

Happy Holidays from Raven Radio!

http___makeagif.com__media_12-19-2013_2XIMVcAt the close of another year, we gratefully pause to wish you a warm and happy holiday season.

Combat the Darkness with Some Musical Vitamin D

AndrewSullivan_SpeakingTubeMeet Andrew "Sully" Sullivan taking the cold out of winter as he plays his favorite cruising songs during the warm summer months. It is musical vitamin d on Speaking Tube. Listen to the whole show.

Where’s Waldholz? KCAW reporter search is over!

Rachel_Waldholz_250When Ed Ronco left KCAW's newsroom at the end of September, one of the first people we sought out to temporarily fill that gap was Rachel Waldholz, our 2012 summer intern: "I wasn't sure if I could hack it in the winter!" But, as often happens in Sitka, her short-term commitment evolved into an interest in sticking around. After six weeks of searching, we found our new reporter already at her desk!

Help us honor Stef!

Slide40Stef Steffen(left in photo), one of the founders of Raven Radio and a Board Member for more than 30 years is stepping down from the board. Please join us this Friday at 7 pm at the station to honor and thank Stef! Snacks and drinks will be provided. All are welcome!

Raven Radio Survey Results

graphWe asked, and 101 of you answered. Between November 25th and December 9th, we have collected responses to our Programming Survey. Please find the results below, and if you haven't contributed to the survey yet, you can still find it here.

Raven Wants YOUR Opinion!

survey_ravenwebsmall We've been making a lot of changes over the last few months. Some have worked out well, and some still need adjusting. Please take a moment and fill out this short survey for us. Your answers will help us know more about how people are interacting with the station, as well as helping to form decisions about our Programming.